Sveta Bilyalova Poses In Untied String Bikini In The Water & Wants Women To Be Free To Be Naked In Public


Sveta Bilyalova shared a risque photo to her Instagram page as she posed in a pool with a clear side. She wore an unfastened black bikini that left most of her body exposed. She wore her hair down, and gave a sultry look to the camera. Sveta also detailed in the captions that she wishes women could be topless or naked and not be judged in public. She asked which fans were in agreement with her, and it sounds like lots of people were. Others commented, “Neat,” “I agree thoroughly, you should prove everyone wrong!!,” and “fine by me.”

The model’s other recent posts show her wearing just eggs as a bikini, plus other conventional swimsuits. The egg post was from 10 days ago, as she joked that she’s the “EggWoman.” Somehow, she must have glued hard boiled eggs onto her swimsuit, as she posed for the camera with her legs apart while sitting on a sofa. This caught the attention of her many fans, garnering over 521,000 likes.

Plus, Sveta’s shared several bikini posts where she wore black and red swimsuits in different backdrops. The black bikini post was of her posing in the middle of a street with a motorcycle helmet in her hand. The model flaunted her derriere for a couple of the snaps, as she faced away from the camera.

In addition, Bilyalova has shared numerous Instagram Stories which showed her crouched by a big brown dog. She appeared to be petting it at first, but then it turned on her and tried to bite her and started barking. However, she didn’t let that ruin her day, as she was then seen in several videos playing in the ocean with a friend.

Plus, in other news, the model made headlines when she shared a video of herself holding a lion cub that reportedly urinated on her, described the Daily Mail. The clip went viral, but then some people cast doubt on its authenticity.

“It’s pretty poorly faked when you notice that A) The location of the ‘p***’ does not change as she moves the cub, and B) the stream starts on the left side of the screen, behind the cub.”

“Sorry guys, dude’s hiding in the corner with a water bottle or something. You can see his leg in the mirror,” another person noted. Whatever the case, the model’s since garnered many more millions of followers on Instagram, with 6.3 million to date.