'Sports Illustrated' Model, Camille Kostek, Shares An Adorable Pic With Rob Gronkowski On Thanksgiving

Like a lot of celebrities who took to their social media to share sweet family photos with their fans on Thanksgiving, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Camille Kostek decided not to lag behind.

The 26-year-old hottie recently took to Instagram and shared a lovely photo where she is featured with her NFL-star boyfriend, Rob Gronkowski.

"The holidays are best spent with the people you love the most," she wrote in the caption. The picture in question amassed more than 18,400 likes and numerous comments where fans sent the couple warm holiday messages.

"Happy Thanksgiving to you and Gronk!" one of the fans wrote in the comments section. "You two look very cute together," another one said.

In her Instagram stories that she recently shared, Rob Gronkowski is featured sitting on a sofa in Camille's house while she played with her cat. Gronk, on the other hand, doesn't share lovey-dovey photos with his GF on his Instagram account and keeps it more related to his sports career.

However, he was featured in a video last month where he was seen training with his sexy ladylove as she prepared for her Sports Illustrated photoshoot. Per an earlier article by the Inquisitr, the couple enjoyed training together and the NFL star helped Camille getting her "big booty" for the shoot.

"Camille has been working her whole life to get the SI swimsuit, ever since we met she's been talking about it. When she got the news she told me all about it and I couldn't be more excited for her," Gronk said in the video.

"I'm super excited for her she's heading to South Australia. It feels unreal to say my girl is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. She definitely deserves it."
According to an article by the Express, Kostek started dating the 29-year-old New England Patriots tight-end in 2015 when she was a cheerleader for the squad.The stars dated on and off before finally entering into a more stable relationship after she left the squad. Since then, the couple seems to be nearly inseparable.

In a recent interview with the Improper Bostonian, when Camille Kostek was asked if the two have any plans of getting married anytime soon, she said that she is not sure about her near future.

"I like to think of my life as very spontaneous and new all the time. So whenever a proposal comes into my life, I think that I'll be very surprised, but right now, Rob and I are totally career-focused," she explained.
"We're not just a fling. We definitely see a future with each other. But as of right now, there are no plans."