Hottest Photos Of Sol Perez, Argentina's Sexiest Weather Girl, Greeting Spring On Instagram

Inquisitr Staff

South of the equator, spring has sprung, and in Latin America that means the sexiest weather forecaster in Argentina is going through her annual ritual of greeting spring in sexy, and skimpy, outfits. Sol Perez is a big personality in Argentina, Uruguay, and much of Latin America. She always seems to somehow be involved in whatever the hot program is; whether it be a dancing, variety, or a talk show, Perez usually winds up making an appearance. She has been described as having a bubbly personality, being off-the-charts sexy, but also very socially conscious and outspoken regarding topics she is passionate about. Also, when it comes to her job of delivering the weather, she is all business.

As was reported at Bola VIP, Perez is back to doing something that began a few years ago as a goof, but has now become an event many people look forward to. As spring approaches south of the equator, Perez begins posting pictures of herself online in outfits that reflect the coming season until spring arrives, and then she starts posting the bikini pics and shots in other revealing outfits showing plenty of skin. They always draw a lot of attention for her, and for whatever project she is working on outside of her main gig.

Perez is regularly seen modeling, and has been in the debates over who has the best backside in the world. Perez has always taken great pride in her bum, and has insured it to the tune of $100,000 as confirmed by Metdaan. That figure isn't one she pulled out of thin air. She had an insurance company actually appraise her butt, as reported at The Chive, and the figure they came up with was a cool $100,000, or almost $4,000,000 Argentinian pesos at the current exchange rate.