Harry Styles’ Next Project Is Perfume? Family Speaks Out As Project Rumors Swirl

Over the second week of June, Harry Styles has been laying low and his family’s social media seems to almost be at a standstill. However, there is a chance that Harry Styles may embark on a new project that involves the world of fragrance. There is also some promising news because it is no longer in the rumors stages that Harry Styles’ portfolio of acting choices may be expanding.

Recent headlines about Harry Styles have involved his work with the movie Dunkirk, and there are rumors in the mix that he could be working on Teen Wolf Season 6, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Updates about the Teen Wolf Harry Styles rumors come from Movie Pilot. On June 10, Jeff Davis said the rumors about Harry Styles were not “100 percent fake” and stated the following.

“We do want Harry Styles in our show. Like a new British boy. But we’re still in talks with people, directors, agents. So we can’t confirm anything yet.”

As far as Harry Styles’ family goes, his mother, Anne Twist, is posting her usual humanitarian links on Twitter, and his father, Desmond Styles, does not appear to be active on social media.

On the other hand, while it seems that Harry Styles and his mother and father are on vacation, Gemma Styles is working harder than ever.

Recently, Gemma Styles has stepped into the limelight that her brother has left behind. Among other interviews, Gemma Styles has regularly appeared on MTV U.K., according to her Twitter account. Harry Styles’ sister was also recently interviewed by Debrief.

Regardless, this does not mean that Harry Styles will be out of the news anytime soon. Instead, it looks like could get yet another offer to do something that does not have anything to do with music.

According to Express, there is a perfume that seems to have “Harry Styles in mind.” The perfume in question is Jimmy Choo’s Man Intense and the description says the wearer could be described as someone that “has an innate confidence with touches of rock’n’roll expression and a hint of a 1960’s Mayfair playboy.”

Also a bit strange, the base notes of the cologne are a “blend of lavender, patchouli and pineapple leaf.”

Harry Styles was described as smelling like pineapple leaf, lavender, and patchouli
Does Harry Styles' floral suit evoke the scent of lavender, patchouli, and pineapple leaf? (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

While Harry Styles seems to have no problems with attracting almost everything and everyone, there is one person that could easily pass on the opportunity to hang out with Harry Styles — and that person is Niall Horan.

UnReality TV quotes Niall Horan talking with Get Into Golf. In the video interview, Niall Horan stated the following about being on tour with Harry Styles and One Direction.

“When I was on tour I found that [golf] was a good thing to get away from everything, ‘cos it was always outside hotels and every day was quite intense with lots of people hanging around.”

In short, when Niall Horan felt annoyed by Harry Styles or another person in One Direction, Niall would take off and go play some golf. This eventually led to Niall Horan opening up his own golf management company when One Direction decided to go on hiatus in January.

In the meantime, there are other rumors that need to get cleared up concerning new music from Harry Styles. For example, it appears that plans have changed concerning Harry Styles and a solo music career. On June 10, Hall of Fame quoted Ryan Tedder in a Key 103 Radio interview that shook the roots of certainty that Harry Styles would have a solo career in the near future.

Harry Styles solo music might be slow
The latest rumors about Harry Styles say that he might not be in singer/performer roles for awhile. (Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP)

However, reports about this rumor can seem conflicting because Sugarscape reported on June 10 that industry executives feel that Harry Styles could have a bigger solo music career than Zayn Malik, but this hinges on Harry making a choice to move forward.

One overlooked career option for Harry Styles is A&R for a record label. Lately, Harry Styles has been tweeting about a new band called Transviolet, according to AOL.

[Picture by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP]