Emily Ratajkowski In Bikini Flaunts Perfect Curves For Promotional

Emily Ratajkowski
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Ashabi Azeez

Emily Ratajkowski has been in the spotlight almost all her life. Since acting as a child in San Diego, Ratajkowski has only gotten better with her career. This model's uniqueness in the entertainment industry and her stunning looks have made her a prominent figure on various runways in high-profile fashion shows.

Ratajkowski always gets fans in awe whenever she showcases her fantastic physique either in bikinis or one of her ever-stunning elegant ensembles. Here is a look at some of Ratajkowski's steamy appearances.

Bikinis Never Looked Better

Emily Ratajkowski
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 Fans can never get enough of Ratajkowski's steamy bikini fashion as she always finds a way to spice things up. The 30-year-old model got her 29.1 million Instagram followers talking as usual when she posted seven snaps of herself modeling a multi-colored two-piece swimwear from her bathing suit brand, Inamorata.

The snap showed the fashionista basking in her beauty hour during a beach getaway. In several pictures, the London-born TV star blessed fans with a full view of her taut figure, and her gold waist chain undoubtedly drew lots of attention to her waistline. Ratajkowski's swimwear is not the regular two-piece as it comes with a long-sleeved cropped top and skimpy shirt.

Viewers sure loved this steamy look, and they flooded the model's comments section with lovely emojis and statements. The post was captioned,

"emrata 👙 all new @inamoratawomen 👙 swim and sets dropping Thursday, March 24th."

Ratajkowski's Steamy Inamorata Collection

 Emily Ratajkowski in a little black dress
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Ratajkowski's Swimwear brand has provided the most stylish bikinis yet. The fashion pro has also consistently kept fans posted about the brand's fantastic collection, modeling some of its igniting pieces herself.

The influencer's bikini collection is impressive, and her toned abs only make her brand more alluring. Ratajowski's social media platforms feature several of her bikini pieces, including an Avorio shade strappy bathing suit, which got many gushing.

Some of the young model brand's offerings also include a skimpy matching bottom that exposed her toned thighs. She also once gave fans glimpses at her gorgeous fuchsia Orpheus top, which she rocked with a matching base. 

About Inamorata 

Emily Ratajkowski
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Inamorata has since gained recognition for its stylish design and lovely fabric after being launched in 2017. Once speaking about the brand in an interview, the entrepreneur noted that she had developed an affinity for swimwear over the years. Her love for bikinis, and interest in fashion, fueled her passion for creating her brand.

The fashion enthusiasts also confirmed that she makes her designs during the interview. "I design everything. Everything for me is taken from inspiration. Then I literally just have a notebook where I sketch out [the looks] and work with the factories to build the samples." 

While Inamorata has offered countless top-of-the-notch bikinis, Ratajkowski clarified that the brand might be exploring other fashion genres. Inamorata has had impressive progress so far, and all the influencer desires to see is more growth.

Ratajkowski's Dedication To Inamorata 

Emily Ratajkowski
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Ratajkowski is no stranger to fashion photo sessions, and she is often featured in promotions for her brand. The model's picture-perfect frame and her distinctive knack in front of the camera have significantly boosted the brand. It is no secret that Ratajkowski's beautiful physique has significantly contributed to promoting her brand.

However, while many models follow an intense exercise plan to keep fit, this stunning brunette has a straightforward approach to keeping fit. Ratajkowski, who recently partnered with STRONG by Zumba, a new high-intensity program focused on cardio and strength training, prefers exercise classing to the gym.

She once noted that whenever she is at the gym, she gets overwhelmed and pushes herself harder. As a person who easily gets distracted, Ratajkowski being a part of STRONG has helped cub her short attention span. The model also uses exercise as a nighttime self-care ritual. Ratajkowski isn't into meditation; she instead finds writing to be therapeutic.