Justin Bieber All Priest In Sleek Black Balenciaga

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Rebecca Cukier

Justin Bieber is getting pretty "Holy" while repping the fastest-rising label around. The Canadian pop singer is now signed to luxury Spanish brand Balenciaga - also big-time shouting out the designer this fall has been 41-year-old makeup mogul Kim Kardashian. While KKW Beauty founder Kim hasn't announced any promotional deal with Balenciaga, Justin is Mr. Poster Boy, and his latest look went full priest, alongside being sleek and pretty futuristic.

Check out the "Peaches" singer's Balenciaga get-up, plus more photos below.

Priest Vibes For Balenciaga

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The November look brought Justin posing by gray brick and in a minimalist look favored by the likes of Rick Owens (also adored by Kim K). The husband to supermodel Hailey Bieber posed in a floor-length and robe-like black coat, one boasting simple front buttons, deep pockets, plus massive and oversized sleeves.

Justin also wore a long key necklace as he held a small purse attached, with giant, rubber-soled, and chunky black boots completing the ensemble. Scroll for more photos after the snap.

'As Good As We Expected'

Throwing high praise at Balenciaga's choice of celebrity spokesperson has been Harper's Bazaar. The magazine is quoted as saying: "Now, after releasing a new Runner sneaker, the brand has found an unlikely campaign star in Justin Bieber—and the result is as good as we expected."

Meanwhile, Justin's wife Hailey is landing the biggest brand deals around as she fronts denim giant Levi's, luxury French label YSL, lingerie brand Victoria's Secret, plus beauty giant Bare Minerals. Hailey and Justin married in 2018.

Hailey On Marriage To Justin

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Hailey this year made headlines for seemingly being ill-at-ease with Justin wanting to "squish out a nugget" soon. The two have no kids. Speaking to Elle about marrying Bieber young, Hailey revealed:

“We’d have conversations when we were younger, [and] we always knew if we ever do get back together, it will be with the intention of getting married. We used to say that to each other and talk about that. I don’t think it was that surprising for us. I don’t know if I ever thought it would be that soon."

Married At #21

The blonde continued: "I didn’t think I’d be getting married at 21. I always used to think in my head, ‘Oh, if Justin and I ever get back together, we’ll be a little bit older and it’ll be later in life,’ and God was like, ‘Yeah, that’s really funny because here’s you at 21.’”

Justin might be repping Balenciaga, but he's also raking in cash via his own Drew House clothing and accessories line, known for its iconic yellow emoji logo.