Patriots Rumors: Julian Edelman Reveals What Mac Jones Needs To Be Like Tom Brady

Ernesto Cova

Well, we've got some terrible news for 31 NFL teams: New England Patriots are once again playing like Super Bowl contenders.

Bill Belichick's team is peaking at the right time. They've won 5 straight games after starting off the season 2-4 and have clinched the top spot in the AFC East after the Bills' tough loss to the Colts.

Their defense has been as dominant as it used to be during the Tom Brady era and they now look like the clear-cut favorite to win the division.

Edelman Wants To See Jones' Toughness

But besides how great their defense has performed during the winning streak, people have lauded Mac Jones' ability to lead their conservative, yet efficient offense.

Even so, Patriots legend Julian Edelman still needs to see how the rookie performs through adversity before jumping into conclusions and saying that he's their guy for the future:

“You wanna see the toughness of a guy,” Edelman said, as quoted by The Spun. “We’re seeing how he can take in the offense and he can be an efficient quarterback. There’s gonna be times where it’s not always sunny. They’re going on a four-game winning streak … I wanna see him, that last bit to see if he’s their guy—and he’s their guy—but I wanna see something go wrong. And I wanna see the man he is in an adverse situation.”


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The Rookie Needs To Show His Leadership

Edelman believes that playing through hard times is the only way that Jones can achieve Tom Brady's level of leadership, although he admitted that he's looked pretty great thus far:

“Like, that’s when you see your best leaders. That’s when the Tom Bradys … when he goes out, in any situation when we were down a certain amount of points, you saw a laser focus in his eyes," Edelman added. "And I wanna see it (from Jones). Everything looks great right now. He looks like a really good quarterback. He’s taking in the offense. He plays on time,”

Jones Knows The Offense Needs To Get Better

Jones' personality seems tailor-made for the Patriots.

Despite the good stretch his team is going through, he's still far from satisfied with the status of the offense, and vowed to improve as the season goes by:

“The goal is to score one more point than the other team," Jones said, per NBC Sports. We can do better on offense, so we’ll do that and it all just starts with watching the film. It’s a short week but there’s no excuses. We can play better, and we will.”

Belichick Isn't Overly Confident Despite The Winning Streak

The Patriots now have a must-win game on deck as they host the Tennessee Titans fresh off an embarrassing loss.

But even though they've won 5 straight and the Titans are coming of an unlikely defeat to the Houston Texans, coach Belichick knows that beating Mike Vrabel's team will be an uphill battle:

“They turned the ball over against the Texans, so that’s hard to count on,” Belichick told the media, as quoted by NBC Sports. “That’s not what they do. I don’t think we’ll get that. They’re a tough, physical team. The backs run hard. They have a very experienced line. They’re tough. They’re physical. They make you beat them. They don’t make many mistakes. They know what they’re doing. They’re sound. They’re a good, fundamental team. They tackle well. The backs and receivers run hard with the ball. The quarterback is athletic. Sound in the kicking game. We’re going to have to play a good football game in all three phases.”

The Titans have destroyed contenders but are 0-2 against the Texans and the Jets, so given the playoff implications of this game, we can expect it to be one of the most exciting matchups of the season.