Abby Dowse Looks Smoking Hot In A Sexy Schoolgirl Outfit

Abby Dowse slays in a coral one-piece lingerie look.
Instagram | Abby Dowse
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Buxom blond Abby Dowse thrilled her 3 million Instagram followers with her most recent share, a stunning snap in which she rocked a schoolgirl-inspired ensemble.

The photo was taken indoors, and Abby was sprawled out on a couch covered in a white slip-cover, with a handful of white throw pillows arranged behind her. The neutral space also featured a minimalist end table, also in a crisp white hue, and an ornate white-framed mirror that she used to capture the sexy selfie. 

Natural light streamed in through a nearby window, illuminating Abby's flawless figure.

Daring Daisy Dukes

Abby Dowse rocks a cropped white shirt and Daisy Dukes.
Instagram | Abby Dowse

The outfit she wore was from the Australian brand Thats So Fetch. She tagged their Instagram page in the picture itself as well as in the caption of the post, in case her followers were interested in picking up any of the pieces for themselves.

Abby kicked off the ensemble with a high-waisted red plaid miniskirt that covered barely anything at all. The waistband hugged her slender waist, and the pleated skirt flared out over her shapely rear, the hem barely coming to the bottom of her pert posterior.

Schoolgirl Chic

Abby Dowse rocks a plaid skirt, skimpy crop top and glasses.
Instagram | Abby Dowse

She paired the miniskirt with a short-sleeved black crop top that had a plunging neckline, revealing a serious amount of cleavage. The garment was fastened with a bow below her breasts, and Abby drew even more attention to her chest with her choice of accessories, adding a few delicate necklaces that dangled down. She also added some embellishment with a few minimalist rings, hoop earrings, and a thin bangle bracelet.

She incorporated some additional accessories that accentuated the schoolgirl vibe as well. 

Bombshell In Blue

Abby Dowse stretches in undone Daisy Dukes and a revealing blue top.
Instagram | Abby Dowse

Abby had a pair of black-framed glasses perched on her nose, and she selected a pair of platform heels with an ankle strap for her choice of footwear. She added a pair of frilly white lace socks underneath the heels, creating a major style statement.

Abby also had a small black purse dangling from one hand and resting on the floor.

She kept her gaze focused on her cell phone as she captured the smoking-hot selfie, one arm held aloft while the other rested on the sofa beneath her.

Beach Baby

Abby Dowse rocks blue bikini bottoms while spreading her legs at the beach.
Instagram | Abby Dowse

Abby's long blond locks cascaded down her arm in an effortless style, and her followers couldn't get enough. The post racked up over 20,300 likes within just four hours of going live, as well as 362 comments from her audience.

"Wow babe," one fan wrote simply, followed by a flame emoji.

"So beautiful and gorgeous," another chimed in.

The buxom bombshell loves to flaunt her figure in all kinds of skimpy ensembles, and frequently shares snaps that have her followers rushing to hit the like button.