Danielley Ayala Celebrates Her Birthday In Sheer Lacy Underwear

Danielley Ayala faces the camera with one hand on her mouth and wearing a red latex outfit.
Instagram | Danielley Ayala
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Danielley Ayala served up a killer look on Tuesday, February 23, when she teased her 5.2 million Instagram followers with her latest upload. The Latina bombshell and social media model took to the popular photo-sharing app to upload a series of intimate snapshots of herself dressed in nothing but underwear to mark her journey around the sun.

Ayala used the caption to wish herself a happy birthday, inviting her legions of fans in the comments section to celebrate the occasion with her.


Wishing Herself A Happy Birthday

Danielley Ayala poses on a boat wearing a plunging red swimsuit.
Instagram | Danielley Ayala

The brunette stunner turned 27 on Tuesday, according to the website Famous Birthdays.

The slideshow included seven different photos, all of which showed her in the same lingerie set. The snaps were a mix of some that showed her lying back on a bed and others in which she stood in front of a bathroom mirror. 

In the bedroom shots, Ayala held her iPhone directly above her face as she played with different facial expressions for the selfies. In one, she smiled at the lens.

Bedroom Vs. Bathroom Selfies

Danielley Ayala takes a mirror selfie in a powder blue top.
Instagram | Danielley Ayala

In another, she looked at the viewer with fierce eyes and lips pouted in a seductive manner.

In the bathroom photos, Ayala was in front of a mirror while holding her phone close to her face, framing her entire upper body. In two instances, she leaned onto the countertop basin, drawing the viewers' attention to her buxom torso. She also pushed her lower body back, putting her booty on display as well.

In yet another example, Ayala kicked her hips to the side and leaned in the opposite direction. 

Lacy Lingerie

Danielley Ayala rocks an open bathrobe.
Instagram | Danielley Ayala

Ayala was dressed in a light gray two-piece set that contrasted with her tan complexion. The garment boasted a lacy bra that gave it a sheer effect, though its floral designs ensured that enough of her chest was covered. The lower edge also included lace details that added a romantic touch to the set.

On her lower body, Ayala sported a pair of matching bottoms that sat low, highlighting her hourglass figure.

Both pieces featured black strings and other details, including on the shoulders and on the sides. 

Best Wishes

Danielley Ayala bites her finger seductively while smiling at the camera.
Instagram | Danielley Ayala

The post raked in nearly 200,000 likes and upward of 3,000 comments within a few hours, proving it was a hit with her fans. They took to the comments section to extend their best wishes to Ayala.

"Don’t know a more Pisces Pisces," one user wrote, referring to Ayala's sun sign.

"Happy bday to this amazing soul!!!" replied another one of her fans.

"Happy birthday beautiful! Have a good one," a third fan raved.

"You are such a hottie," a fourth follower chimed in.