Brit Manuela Sizzles While Rocking Multiple Sheer, Lacy Bodysuits In Video Update: 'Some Of My Favorite'

Brit Manuela flaunted her fit physique for her 1.2 million Instagram followers on Wednesday evening, thrilling them with a sizzling video clip in which she showcased an alluring collection of lingerie. The fitness model posed with a coquettish attitude and displayed lots of bare skin, which garnered a positive response from over 17,220 people who double-tapped their screens in the first hour after the post was uploaded.

Brit rotated through a trio of three revealing bodysuits, for which she credited the brand Adore Me. She began the clip while sitting in a chair facing the camera, which appeared to have been propped up against the wall in a small apartment.

Brit wore black lace featuring a large floral pattern embellished with scalloped edges and eyelash detailing. The garment resembled a bustier with attached sheer panties and featured a plunging neckline and tight-fitting midsection.

The soft, triangular cups were set wide apart from one another and connected at a thick seam encircling her torso several inches below Brit's bust, leaving her bare decolletage on full display. Halter-style straps transitioned to a matching pair of seams that ran vertically over both pert breasts and down either side of her taut belly. The decorative bottom hem ended at her waist, to which the sheer fabric that made up the lower half was sewn.

Brit flirted with the camera for a moment, placing her hands around her waist and making some minor adjustments to her attire. The instant before she moved into a standing position, the video cut almost imperceptibly and she was suddenly wearing a drastically different — although no less tantalizing — leotard.

The second bodysuit featured a pale purple shade that looked incredible next to Brit's fair complexion. It had a classic shape, with high-cut legs and supportive underwire cups that emphasized her cleavage. The front of the lingerie was also a combination of lace and translucent material, but they were separated into four distinct sections by an "X" that crossed almost level with her navel, creating a vaguely diamond-like pattern.

Brit gazed intensely with her piercing blue eyes and smiled confidently as she shifted her weight back and forth and ran her fingers through her long brunette hair. The final outfit was exactly the same as the first, only in a bright crimson.

The background of the share showed modern furniture with clean lines, a petite kitchen area with stainless steel appliances, and a countertop upon which several bottles of wine were stored.