Kate Beckinsale Showcases Slender Physique In Tight Jeans And Suggestive T-Shirt

Shawna Cory

Kate Beckinsale delighted her 4.5 million Instagram followers with her most recent update on Wednesday afternoon. She showcased her stunning visage and petite figure while wearing a flirtatious T-shirt.

Kate wore a pair of dark-washed blue jeans with a snug fit that displayed her slender physique. The front of her shirt was tucked into the low-rise waistband, around which a black leather belt with gold hardware was buckled.

Her top featured an extra-lightweight white cotton fabric. The shirt featured a rainbow and a My Little Pony character as the phrase, "Daddy I want a pony," was written in huge pink letters. The post's humorous caption suggested that she was willing to be flexible, and might accept an alternate tiny equine.

Kate stood with her legs apart, accentuating her slim thighs and shifting most of her weight to one hip. Her left arm draped behind her back and out of view, and the positioning of her right shoulder and upper arm indicated that she was holding her phone up to take a selfie.

She tilted the camera such that it captured her body at a diagonal angle, from her head down to the middle of one thigh. One eye was cropped out in the top left corner of the photo, but luckily, most of her face was still quite visible. She gazed up at the camera, presumably to select the appropriate composition, and had a look of serene concentration.

"Just wanted to say me and my Mrs love your posts before some lunatic troll posts something horrible!!" one fan exclaimed, following the comment with a few red hearts.

"To be fair though your put downs of the trolls are legendary!" another fan replied.

"You are a light in these dark times, keep doing what you're doing Kate, you are an incredible lady & so very funny, no matter what these 'trolls' say babe," a third person praised.

"I would buy you a pony, however that would require knowing where to send it, and I don't want to the creepy guy so I'll just dream and keeping enjoying your witty posts that make so many of us smile daily. Be blessed Kate much love," a fourth supporter gushed.