Laura Amy Flaunts Busty Curves, Ponders A Look Change On Instagram

Laura Amy clicks a selfie.
Laura Amy / Instagram

Australian bombshell Laura Amy is considering a change to her look and took to Instagram to discuss the topic with her fans. The brunette beauty has been rocking blond front highlights for quite some time now, but she seems to be feeling nostalgic for her raven tresses. The model asked followers whether she should go “back to black,” and her devoted admirers were excited to share their opinions.

While there were some who loved the golden highlights and urged Laura to “stay blonde,” plenty of fans encouraged a change of hairstyle, leaving detailed messages explaining why dark tresses worked better with her eye color and complexion.

“You look beautiful either way but I prefer all black on you! It makes you look extremely exotic with black hair and blue eyes, lovely!” wrote one person, further expressing their feelings on the mater with three heart-eyes emoji.

Others didn’t necessarily have a preference and took to the comments section to compliment Laura’s beauty.

“Both are Beautiful. You’d be beautiful bald. Your inner self shines threw [sic],” remarked one smitten fan.

“Any color on you is going to be stunning…” agreed another Instagrammer.

Some followers suggested that she should embrace an even bolder shade with one person proposing that she dye her highlights pink. Laura seemed to like to the suggestion, replying that she “was considering it.”

The fitness model shared a sultry photo to show off her luscious locks as they are now, flaunting her buxom curves in the process. In the picture, Laura rocked a tiny crop top that exposed her busty cleavage while also flashing a great deal of underboob. The dark, ribbed garment was a sports bra-style and featured small cups that were linked with an O-ring detail in the front. Thick shoulder straps framed her abundant décolletage, ensuring that all eyes were glued to her chest.

The 28-year-old paired the top with matching high-waisted bottoms, leaving her toned midriff on full display in the formfitting set. She finished off the look with a blue plaid shirt, which she wore open and unbuttoned. She coquettishly let it slide down to her elbows, baring her shoulders and upper arms.

The half-body shot captured Laura in mid-profile, emphasizing the sinuous contour of her hourglass frame. The stunner cocked her shoulder and turned her head to the side, flaunting her sculpted flank and showing off her chiseled cheekbones. She further teased fans by sliding her thumb inside her pants and pulling down on the waistband, showing a glimpse of her tummy as well as her tiny waist and washboard abs. She stared at the camera with an intense, alluring gaze, provocatively parting her plump lips. Her blond streaks framed her face, accentuating her striking features and drawing the eye to her cleavage as they grazed her collar bone.

Shared to Instagram Friday afternoon, the snapshot racked up close to 10,200 likes as well as nearly 260 messages overnight.

“This is absolutely heat,” one follower wrote, gushing over her sexiness.

Some of her fellow models also took notice of the smoking-hot look and dropped flattering emoji in the comments.

Aussie smokeshow Abby Dowse chimed in with three dark hearts that appeared to mirror the color of Laura’s sexy ensemble.

Italian-Cuban beauty Isabella Buscemi commented with a heart-eye emoji.