Bethany Lily April Shows Off Incredible Cleavage In New Instagram Pics

Mizuki Hisaka

Bethany Lily April shared a new Instagram post today with two photos, and her incredible cleavage was hard to miss as she went braless under a light gray blazer.

In the first snap, Bethany stood facing the camera straight-on and rested her left hand on her shoulder. She gave a flirty smile and wore her hair down in a heavy side part. The wind blew her locks, and they glowed in the bright sunlight.

She wore a blazer with a baggy fit and four buttons on the wrists. The Instagram model held it closed with her right hand and completed her look with a pair of brief-style underwear. She joked about her lack of pants in the comments section and also revealed that the ensemble was from BooHoo Man via a tag in the post.

Moreover, Bethany accessorized with a pair of large gold hoop earrings and a charm necklace.

The second photo offered a different angle of Bethany's figure, as she was photographed from a lower vantage point. She propped out her left leg and tugged at her open jacket with both hands. She also threw her head back and closed her eyes, offering a dramatic vibe. Her cleavage was again on full display, but this time, her bottoms were more visible. These were light periwinkle with a tight fit and a thick gray waistband with writing on it.

There was a light-colored building with an arched doorway and lots of green trees in the background. The skies were completely clear during the photoshoot.

"Wow it is a pleasure to admire your Beauty," gushed a fan.

"This woman is a goddess!!! Love you Bethany," exclaimed a second social media user.

Others responded to her question in the caption.

"Ready for your job interview," suggested a third admirer.

"I don't know, whatever you want it to be," wrote another supporter, punctuating their message with a variety of emoji.

Two days ago, Bethany tantalized her followers with another two-part photo series. For the update, she rocked a colorful bikini at the beach. In the first photo, she lay on her side on a lime green seat, and it matched her top. It was neon green and hot pink with navy blue crisscross ties in front. She wore her hair in pigtails and placed her hand on her forehead as she gazed into the distance.