Heidi Klum Rocks A Mermaid Tail & Daughter Leni Films Her Trying To Swim

Treva Bowdoin

Heidi Klum discovered that swimming like a mermaid is no easy feat in a fun video filmed by her 16-year-old daughter, Leni. The stylish America's Got Talent judge had a hard time swimming underwater while rocking a pretty fish tail with large fins, but her daughter proved that she has a real talent for directing. Heidi shared a behind-the-scenes look at their collaborative effort on her Instagram account on Wednesday.

Heidi, 47, was creating content for an NBC promo that she had previously shared on Instagram. You can view that post here.

Her costume consisted of a skintight finned tail decorated with a teal scale pattern. She teamed her unique bottoms with a white bathing suit top that featured a pattern of inky purple splotches. The top had a wide V neck and two strap details underneath each of its fixed triangle cups. The supermodel wore her long blond hair down.

An instrumental version of the song "Under the Sea" from the 1989 animated Disney movie The Little Mermaid played over the footage. However, at the beginning of the video, Heidi appeared to channel actress Daryl Hannah's mythical finned sea siren, Madison, from the 1984 movie Splash. She struggled to get comfortable inside a square ivory-colored bathtub in an opulent room with white marble floors. A large piece of colorful abstract artwork decorated one wall, and the opposite side of the room was covered with shelves containing rolled-up towels, various toiletries, and small statues. There was a white pillar covered with ornate carvings in one corner. Large gray vases containing plants with long narrow leaves sat in two other corners. The French doors behind the bathtub were open to let in some fresh air.

"It's not easy being a mermaid," Heidi said as she sat in the tub.

The garment continued restricting her range of motion when she moved to a larger body of water. Leni filmed her mom as she struggled to swim underwater in a pool. Heidi's movements were jerky and awkward, and she had to deal with the additional challenge of holding a round sign that had "NBC" painted on it.

"What the freak," Heidi's daughter could be heard saying from behind the camera when her mother surfaced.

The teen director also demanded that her mom shoot a scene "again," telling her that her previous effort "wasn't good." However, the pair seemed like they were having a blast when they shared a laugh together. They eventually got a great shot of Heidi swimming underwater above the camera and smiling down at it.

In the caption of her post, Heidi commended Leni for a job well done.