Laura Amy Flaunts Major Cleavage In Tight Lavender Crop Top

Selfie of Laura Amy
Laura Amy / Instagram

Australian fitness model and personal trainer Laura Amy flaunted an alluring eyeful for her 858,000 Instagram followers on Thursday evening.

The stunning model looked sultry, yet casual in the image as she lounged on a fluffy white couch in a revealing outfit topped with a plaid flannel shirt. She mentioned “coffee and errands” in the caption.

Laura wore a skintight cropped athletic top that put her spectacular bust on full display. The snug fit pushed her voluptuous breasts together, accentuating her incredible cleavage and the perfect roundness of their peaks.

The smooth, flawless flesh of her decolletage nearly spilled out of the low neckline. Her already small ribcage appeared exceptionally tiny in comparison to the impressive swell of her ample assets.

She wore a matching pair of high-waisted leggings that hugged her shapely hips and toned thighs, and revealed the bare skin of her taut belly.

The ensemble was a pale lavender color that beautifully accentuated Laura’s olive complexion and light eyes.

Laura wore a dark plaid flannel shirt over the athletic wear. It was slung across one slender shoulder but draped seductively off the other, falling open to show off her curves.

Her stunning features were highlighted by even, diffused light that kissed her high cheekbones and delicate bone structure. Long full lashes and perfectly groomed brows framed her enormous blue eyes. Her full, plump lips were shiny and curved into an almost imperceptible smile.

She parted her dark hair in the center and pulled it away from her face. It appeared to be twisted up behind her head and pinned off her long, slender neck. Some loose strands escaped and grazed one side of her lovely visage.

Laura’s devoted Instagram fans were eager to express their adoration for the beautiful model and her sexy appearance. The provocative post racked up almost 2,000 likes in the first 20 minutes it was online.

Many followers left affectionate phrases and various strings of loving emoji in the comments section.

“Will always be a huge fan,” promised one person, adding a pair of heart emoji to the words.

“Those gorgeous eyes are intoxicating!” exclaimed a second fan, following the comment with kissing emoji.

“Your face and your eyes…melt me every time…” declared another follower.

“Love this colour on you,” complimented a fourth person, referring to the flattering shade of Laura’s outfit.

Just the other day, The Inquisitr reported that Laura shared a post in which she displayed another laid-back, sexy look that drove fans wild.