January 17, 2020
Australian Bombshell Georgia Gibbs Sizzles In White Swimsuit In Stunning Photo With A Bird

Maxim took to its verified Instagram account Friday to share a snapshot of Georgia Gibbs showing off her perfect figure in a bikini that left little to the imagination.

As Maxim indicated in the caption, Gibbs's was captured by Jesse Allen -- also known by the Instagram moniker Burnt Breakfast -- and Pixie Bella, an Australian photographer based in Los Angeles. Both photogs included snippets from the photo shoot on their Instagram pages, revealing that the series was shot for Bond-Eye Swim, an Aussie brand of swimwear with which Gibbs often works.

In the photo shared by Maxim, Gibbs is standing in front of a swimming pool with her right arm stretched out and a white cockatoo balanced on it. The Australian bombshell is rocking a one-piece bathing suit in a textured white material that matches the bird's feathers. The color of the suit brings out Gibbs's tanned complexion.

The one-piece boasts one strap that goes over her right shoulder, while her other side is bare. The suit has a straight-cut neckline that presses against the model's chest, helping accentuate her ample cleavage.

The suit also features a large cut out on either side, exposing her obliques and slim waistline. In addition, the piece has high-cut legs that highlight Gibbs's strong, wide hips.

For the photo, the model posed with her hip to one side as she stood with her legs slightly apart, further accentuates the natural curves of her body.

Gibbs accessorized her look with a thick dark gray necklace and a matching bracelet worn on the same arm that was holding the bird.

Gibbs has her golden tresses swept over to one side and styled down in large waves that fall over her shoulders. Her makeup compliments her sun-kissed skin and gold hair.

The photo proved to be popular with Maxim's fans. In under a day after going live, the post garnered more than 5,400 likes and about 20 comments. Users of the social media platform took to the comments section to compliment the aesthetics of the shot, while also showering Gibbs with compliments and emoji.

"This is dope nice shot," one user chimed in.

"[I]ncredibly beautiful.....not to mention H[O]T AF," replied another user, using a fire emoji in place of the "O" in "HOT."

"Yasssss," a third one simply said.

"Love this shot with McCloud the Cockatoo," Bond-Eye Swim added, including an emoji depicting a green bird after the comment.