Cuban Bombshell Aylen Alvarez Heats Up The Bahamas In Skintight Mini Dress

Aylen Alvarez poses for a selfie.
Aylen Alvarez / Instagram

Aylen Alvarez is wearing the tightest dress possible in her latest racy Instagram snap. The Cuban model took to the social media site to give fans a glimpse of the outfit she was wearing to a dinner out during her trip to the Bahamas, a yellow mini dress that showed off all of her curves. The snap was a big hit with Aylen’s followers, attracting more than 25,000 likes and plenty of compliments about how well she filled out the outfit.

“Gorgeous babe,” one fan wrote.

“I really like you’re outfit! Lord you’re so stunning,” another added.

The picture was showing off a dress from Fashion Nova’s plus-size line, which Aylen regularly promotes to her 3.6 million Instagram followers. The Cuban model is likely making a good living from the work, as experts estimate that Instagram models make roughly $1,000 for every 100,000 followers they have, per post. That means Aylen can be snagging five figures for every post she shares.

Aylen has some obvious side benefits to her modeling work as well, including the ability to travel the globe. The picture showing off her tight yellow dress was the latest from the model’s trip to Bahamas, where she has been spending plenty of time on the beach and sharing a number of snaps of her skimpy attire. As The Inquisitr reported, she took to Instagram earlier in the week to show off a picture of her riding a red and black ATV while rocking bikini bottoms.

Alvarez, who goes by her married name of Davis on Instagram, frequently gives fans a glimpse of her tropical adventures and uses her page to raise awareness of causes around the globe. Last year, she took an extended trip to the Amazon and between sharing racy pictures of her bikini-clad self, Aylen gave a bit of education to her followers about some pressing issues in the rain forest.

In one post, Alvarez warned about the vulnerability of the rain forest and how the actions of the Brazilian government was contributing to its destruction. At the time of her trip, the Amazon was facing a series of wildfires set by farmers and developers looking to clear the land, actions that were encouraged by the Brazilian government.

Aylen’s post raising awareness garnered a big response, with many comments from followers vowing to do what they could to help.

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The Amazon rainforest is considered the LUNGS of the planet and does the critical task of providing Earth with 20% of its oxygen supply. It’s dense vegetation acts like a giant air purifier, constantly taking in carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen. Any increase in deforestation there would speed up global warming. It is our very governments who are killing the earth, to clear land and make room for animal agriculture. Brazil it’s currently the world biggest beef supplier, exporting over 16.7 billions worth of animal products annually. More than 90 percent of all Amazon rainforest land cleared since 1970 is used for grazing livestock. This is the cause of the rainforest fires! The good news is that it’s easier than ever to switch to an Earth-friendly vegan diet. Even if you do it in baby steps, go pescatarian first and lessen the intake of meat to once a week then once a month till it’s completely off your diet. There are plenty non-dairy milk options too! You will likely see an improvement in your health after a month, and your conscience will be lighter knowing that you are doing your part to help the environment and animals. #SaveTheAmazon @amazonecotourslodge

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Aylen’s current trip to the Bahamas may not have the political implications, but has still generated plenty of viral interest for the model thanks to her revealing looks.