Blond Bombshell Sara Underwood Shares Sweet & Sexy Snap In Her Christmas Cabin

Former Playboy Playmate of the Year Sara Underwood thrilled her 9.2 million Instagram followers with a sweet and sexy snap taken in her festive cabin in Washington. She posed in the picture alongside her partner, Jacob Witzling, who is out in the scenic paradise constructing cabins with her.

Sara and Jacob stood facing one another on the front porch area of their diamond-shaped cabin. Earlier in the season, Sara decorated the exterior of the structure, adding a star to the very top and stringing colorful lights all around the outside. Due to the moss-covered exterior, the decorations made the cabin look like a Christmas tree.

Sara had her arms resting on Jacob's shoulders and around his neck, while he placed his hands on her back. The duo exchanged an intimate moment, bathed in the glow of the small bulb hanging over the porch area. Sara's curves were on full display in a pair of printed black-and-white pants, and she propped one foot up as she enjoyed the kiss. She wore a red hat with a big pom pom that covered up her blond locks.

Jacob likewise kept his ensemble casual, wearing a pair of jeans, running shoes, and a checkered blue-and-black shirt. The cabin was surrounded by tall trees, and the whole set-up looked like a holiday picture.

In the caption of the post, Sara gushed about how lucky she was and shared her love for Jacob with her Instagram audience. Her followers couldn't get enough of the sweet post, and it received over 43,300 likes within just one day. Many of Sara's fans took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the sweet Christmas update.

One fan was captivated by the whole set-up and photo, and commented, "you've achieved life goals."

"Love the cabin you guys created!! Would love to visit it someday!" another fan added.

One follower was particularly enchanted by the sweet pose the couple had in the shot, and said, "y'all are so perfect!!"

"I hope one day I'll find what you both found in each other... it's so nice. feels so easy no childish complications," another said.

The blond bombshell isn't showing much skin in her latest update, but she frequently tantalizes her followers by wearing skimpy outfits on Instagram. Just a few days ago, as The Inquisitr reported, the beauty shared a double update in which she sported a checkered crop top and scandalously short mini skirt. She also rocked a hat in that snap, combating the winter chill, and she turned up the heat in her ensemble by accessorizing with a pair of thigh-high black boots.