‘Shameless’ Spoilers: Kevin Ball Researches How To Be A Pedophile

Trisha Faulkner - Author

Dec. 15 2019, Updated 6:34 p.m. ET

Things got a little weird between Kevin Ball (Steve Howey) and Veronica Fisher (Shanola Hampton) during tonight’s episode of Shameless, as he revealed he was putting a huge amount of effort into learning everything there was to know about being a pedophile.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from tonight’s episode of Shameless.

Toward the very beginning of tonight’s episode of Shameless, fans watched as Kev wandered into his kitchen wearing a robe with his laptop firmly grasped in his hand. His wife, Veronica, was fixing a meal. Kevin opened up about how much he was learning as he researched how to be a pedophile on the internet.

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V, who is rarely surprised by anything Kev does at this point, asked with a completely straight face if he was taking up a new hobby that she needed to concern herself with. As long-term fans of the series know, it was mostly witty banter, as Veronica knows Kevin would never hurt a child.

Kevin proceeded to explain that he was trying to learn everything he could so it would be easier for him to create a story about how he was molested by his coach when he was a child.

As Shameless fans learned last week, a childhood friend of Kevin’s committed suicide after the emotional trauma of being molested as a child became too much for him to handle anymore. As Kevin spent time with the other guys he grew up with during the time, he realized the coach had molested every single one of them. This was a complete surprise to Kev as he was pretty sure the coach never touched him inappropriately.

Kevin, Veronica, and his bar friends determined him being so much larger then the other boys was likely a turn-off to the coach at the time.

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Kevin and Veronica had a pretty hilarious and shameless fight during last week’s episode over whether he was molested as a child. The duo were both disappointed when he was pretty sure his coach never got inappropriate with him. This was because his childhood friends revealed there was a lawyer going after a large amount of settlement money to be split among the victims. Naturally, Kev and V wanted a piece of that money.

The awkward scene in tonight’s episode of Shameless ended with Kevin trying to figure out what words are the best to use when referring to his genitalia while speaking to the lawyer.

Veronica offered nothing but support for her Kev, as she encouraged him to “fake it until you make it.”

Six episodes into Season 10 and the duo haven’t exactly been model citizens. Veronica spent the last episode killing off family members to sell drugs to doctors within the black community. And, a few episodes ago, they stole an entire truck of Amazon deliveries and gave them away.

Afterwards, they used the scanner to pick up returns and auctioned them off to make some extra money. This inspired a bit of a side business as Kevin started to use the Alibi as a place the local community could bring hot and questionable merchandise they stole and wanted to sell.

Tonight’s episode of Shameless is currently available for streaming via the Showtime app.


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