Alexis Ren Shares Water-Drenched Pic To Help Save The Coral Reefs

Not only does Alexis Ren look smoking hot in her latest Instagram share, but she’s also using her social media platform for good. The model is collaborating with Coral Gardeners to raise money for the awesome work they’re doing to save our planet.

The brunette looked spectacular in the photo that she posted. According to the geotag, Alexis is currently in Tahiti and spending some time in the ocean. She wore a string bikini and little else in the multi-pic post. Alexis’ long brown hair was drenched with water, and she only wore two chains around her neck.

The series of photos is taken at sunset and much of Alexis’ exquisite features are hidden, which adds to the somber ambiance of the photos.

In the first pic, Alexis looks down at the ocean in a contemplative mood. The shot shows the bikini babe wearing the swimsuit as the sun goes down. The outline of her figure is clearly visible, which excited her millions of fans as she gave them a peek of her stunning form. Alexis’ voluptuous cleavage, strong abs, and full booty are on display as she rises out of the ocean.

The second shot shows a profile of Alexis’ face, shoulders, and breasts. She appears to be leaning on her surfboard in the ocean. Her water-soaked hair drips down the side of her face.

In the final image, Alexis leans her head back into the sea. She closes her eyes in a moment of quiet solitude and enjoyed the tranquility of nature. In the background, the mirror-like quality of the ocean reflects the soft light of the heavens while a few clouds drift by.

In the caption, Alexis mentioned the work she was doing with Coral Gardeners. As the coral reefs are reportedly being wiped out, the campaign’s objective is to raise $100,000 to plant 5,000 reefs in the ocean. So far, they have raised over $60,000 together.

Alexis said that she was shocked their campaign had garnered so much support. She thanked her followers for also helping to make others aware of the damage to the reefs.

The social media influencer has over 13.4 million followers on Instagram. This particular image has already racked up over 500,000 views. Many also took the time to comment on the stunning photos. While some fans simply posted heart emoji and told the model how beautiful she was, others thought that she was doing some wonderful work.

“Love to our Reefs love your passion for them.”