Jlo’s Killer Workout Body Sends Instagram Into Meltdown

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Jennifer Lopez is a muscle machine. The fact that she’s pushing 50 doesn’t seem to have affected this age-defying superstar – Jlo’s Wednesday Instagram update seems to be living proof. The “Jenny From The Block” singer’s most recent workout video has sent fans an insight into the star’s grueling training. It also seems to have sent the platform into meltdown.

Earlier today, the 49-year-old updated her account. The video opened up with Jlo explaining her choice to work out on the same day as an evening performance. The star was already showcasing her itty-bitty cream-colored crop top, although fans got a full view as the footage progressed. The matching leggings were as tight as the top she was wearing. Lopez didn’t seem too focused on flaunting her killer body, though. She seemed far more interested in training it.

The video showed Jlo pumping iron and putting herself through some cardio paces. The Hustlers star wasn’t alone, though. Her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, was right there with her. This newly-engaged couple wasn’t wearing matching outfits, but their workouts were mirroring each other. Fans also got a super-sweet kiss from Jlo and her man.

This hard-hitting megastar is something else. Her rock-hard abs, shapely legs, and sensational biceps are as much a talking point as her music career. With that tiny sports two-piece, the singer’s body has been getting noticed.

“Let me put down this breakfast burrito and get to the gym #inspired,” one fan wrote.

“Aa gurl” came from another user.

Many comments also threw out the thumbs-up for seeing Jlo and A-Rod train together. Ultimately, though, fans just couldn’t seem to stop themselves from mentioning the “Dinero” singer’s physique and gym-dedicated attitude.

“One tough cookie,” a user aptly commented.

Jlo’s daily training is well-known. This gym bunny regularly updates her social media with workout clips, although the ab-flaunting selfies showing the results are just as popular. Given that Lopez is spending her evenings dripping sweat on her It’s My Party tour, the daytime fitness hours come especially impressive. One fan called the star “a machine.” Another couldn’t seem to get over Jen turning 50 next month.

Lopez’s update today racked up views in lighting speed. Over 940,000 views were clocked within one hour of the video going live. Over the same timeframe, 2,000 fans showed their love via the comments section. Jennifer took to her caption to thank the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys for being behind today’s sweat session.

Fans wishing to see more of Jennifer should follow her account. Jlo has 95.5 million Instagram followers.