Kay Rose Is Dripping Wet In An Impossibly Tiny Bikini

Kay Rose is the blue-eyed-blonde who is climbing the Instagram ranks. As a standalone model and a twin, this Los Angeles-based sensation seems to have genetics on her side. Kay's May 16 Instagram update doesn't feature her twin, but it's giving fans plenty to look at.

Today's snap sees Kay taking a dip. She's sitting at the edge of a pool – whether or not it's indoor isn't fully clear. Natural daylight seems to be pouring onto poolside furnishings, but there's no sign of the sun. This eye-catching beauty doesn't need rays to shine, though. Kay is flaunting her washboard abs and feminine curves in a tiny bikini, and it looks like she's opted for variety. While Rose's top is blue, her strung briefs are white.

Kay's bikini doesn't come dry, though. Alongside the bronzed skin underneath it, today's swimwear looks like it has already hit the water. Likewise indicative of a post-swim situation is Kay's hair. Scrunched up into a bun, it appears to have been subject to moisture. Kay's signature big eyes aren't making eye contact with the camera, but her face is leaving an impression. Appearing makeup-free, the model is showcasing her chiseled bone structure the natural way – there's no glam squad today.

Fans have been leaving their thoughts. Many appeared to have noticed Kay's impressive physique. One fan threw out some praise, per their comment.
"Incredibly Body!"
"Jesus," another wrote.Today's post sees Rose influencing. The Purekana CBD product she's holding has been mentioned in the picture's caption – Kay has written that it "actually works wonders." One fan has already made inquiries about the product. Clearly, social media influencing exists for a reason.While Kay mostly appears alone on Instagram, she does make the odd appearance with her twin. Earlier this month, Kay and her twin, Emma, went topless together in nothing but matching jeans. The picture (seen above) was posted to both twins' accounts. Kay's snap received over 9,000 likes. Her sister's post generated a slightly higher response with over 10,000 likes. Both siblings have a "#twin" in their Instagram bios.

Today's post doesn't come as an influencing first for Kay. This model joins Instagram's army of Fashion Nova influencers. The denim getup that saw these twins join forces came with a Fashion Nova shout-out.

For today though, Kay's mention is limited to Purekana. Given the peaceful expression on Kay's face and what is ultimately a very tasteful shot, the brand is likely glad it picked this model. Fans can keep up with Rose by following her Instagram.