Fitness Model Isa Vegas Straddles Chair In Eye-Popping Thong For Triple Instagram Update

Isa VegasInstagram

Motivation might be the aim of fitness modeling, but Instagram seems to have added a new angle to this career. It’s called having millions of male followers (and becoming a sexual icon).

Isa Vegas is the Hispanic Instagram sensation who comes with 2.8 million followers. She’s got the curves, the attitude, and some serious muscle. Despite regular workout videos, this girl appears to rack up the most likes for wearing very little clothing.

On April 6, 2019, Isa updated her Instagram with a triple set of snaps that seem more about the lingerie than the lunges. Straddling a bright yellow chair in an otherwise white room, Isa is scantily clad. Black heels match a lacy black bra and thong, although there are some finishing touches. A nearby yellow table is attractively decorated with white flowers. Given the comments, fans are unlikely ogling the floral display.

As Vegas takes to her caption encouraging fans to “swipe,” she also invites comments on which of the three snaps is preferred. One shows Vegas from the back and flaunts her thong-wearing behind. Another takes a more sensual route as Vegas looks downwards while pulling back her blonde hair. The middle snap seems to prove the most engaging – it is the only of the three to show Vegas’ beautiful smile.

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Comments are largely in Spanish, as Isa appears to be based in Mexico. She is followed by fellow model, actress, TV host, and influencer Yanet Garcia. Garcia’s Instagram following sits at a higher 9.7 million, but Vegas is climbing the ranks fast.

On January 28, Vegas joined fellow models for a booty-flaunting Instagram video that so far proves one of her most popular. The video received over 1 million likes. Likes generally sit around the 100,000 mark for Vegas. While fans are likely too busy admiring this girl’s physique, some may have noticed a disparage in the spelling of her name.

The Instagram account @issavegas matches the spelling seen in this model’s Twitter handle. Her Instagram, however, offers an alternate spelling of Isa, which appears to be how Vegas wishes to introduce herself. For this purpose, we are referring to Vegas via her introductory name of Isa.

Curvaceous as this girl may be, there’s some impressive muscle backing it up. Vegas’ workout videos show weight-lifting, squats, and fitness appearances on Mexican television. In an era where a voluptuous behind can build a career though, Vegas seems well-equipped for social media. Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Blac Chyna, and Kylie Jenner are all known for their feminine curves. Isa has yet to reach their levels of fame, but there’s always room for growth.