Instagram Model Danielle Knudson Works Her Booty In Skin-Tight Black Leggings, Shows Off Her Athletic Figure

Ilya SavenokGetty Images

Canadian model Danielle Knudson was keen to show off her prowess in the gym recently, taking to popular social media platform Instagram to show off her trim and toned physique for all to see.

In a video posted to her Instagram Story, the athletic blond bombshell can be seen conducting a variety of workouts while wearing an extremely tight outfit composed of black leggings and a barely-there gray and black sports bra. First skipping rope, the video footage sped up, and then quickly cutting to show Knudson hauling a bit of steel equipment around on the floor with the aid of a reinforced band, it’s clear that the Canadian beauty has a bit of brawn behind her as well.

In the third workout sequence, Danielle adopts a push-up pose and moves her legs back and forth, toning her backside and her shoulder muscles at the same time. Throughout the camera spares no detail as to her lithe figure and the natural curves of her athletic body. Finally, Danielle shows the viewing audience her version of a walk-out, complete with an adorable photobomb by what appears to be a chocolate labrador passing through — a harness attached to his body signaling that he may be a guide dog or therapy animal.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, Knudson has been making waves on Instagram lately for her wonderfully provocative pictures, including a recent snapshot in which she participated in a “champagne shower.” Wearing a white t-shirt and black boyshorts, the svelte model makes quite the impression with the impromptu — and quite genuine — photoshoot.

Previously to having shared the video showcasing her athletic prowess — though after having given her fans what they want in the form of the champagne shower — Knudson took a turn towards the classic bikini shoot as she shared a black-and-white image inspired by the swimsuit pin-ups of yesteryear. Wearing a tiny one-piece detailed in a decidedly retro-inspired style, Danielle showed her admirers exactly why she was such a sought-after commodity in the modeling world. Her slight frame is accentuated by the stretching pose, while her hands are lifted to tousle her long tresses, which fall loosely about her back.

The pose also reveals a large amount of her bust, particularly in the side profile, and her expression is one of studied professional confidence. The sun-kissed model knows that she looks incredible, and isn’t afraid to convey that attitude to all who are taking in the scene.