Kym Herjavec Shares Twin Updates: Hudson & Haven Have An Outing With Mom, ‘DWTS’ Star Manages Twin Nap Time

Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec fell in love while partnered up on Dancing with the Stars in Season 20, and they got married in July 2016. Almost two months ago, the Herjavecs welcomed twins Hudson Robert and Haven Mae. From the looks of Kym’s latest Instagram posts, she’s juggling the twin newborns like a pro, and it seems that she’s loving every minute of it.

Both Robert and Kym Herjavec share updates on Haven and Hudson regularly, and their fans love every single one. On Wednesday, it looks like the former Dancing with the Stars pro was ready to get out and about for a while. Kym shared a short video on Instagram showing her carrying Hudson and Haven in their car seats as they both slept. She was looking like one hot mama as she was dressed up a bit and credited her hair and makeup team for the help.

The dancer’s latest Instagram story shared a baby-related moment too. Herjavec showed that Maven was sleeping in her baby swing, but Hudson was resisting. Kym said that he was tired, but he was fighting it a bit, and she was hoping that she could manage to get both babies sleeping at the same time.

Of course, for any new mom, it’s a delight to have some quiet moments while a baby naps. For a mama of twins, those moments are all the more cherished and certainly less frequent. Kym even joked that the dog was trying to get back into the house and was soon curled up and sleeping as well, so the DWTS dancer hit the trifecta on getting all of the little ones in the house asleep at the same time.

Robert, who has three older children from his previous marriage, seems to be a pretty hands-on dad. However, he’s still a part of Shark Tank and he just posted via Instagram that they’re starting to film Season 10. It sounds as if that will keep him busy and away from Kym, Hudson, and Haven to an extent, but he’s not going to miss any more time with those precious babies than he has to from the looks of things.

Kym has said that she’s done dancing as a pro on Dancing with the Stars, at least for now, but she wouldn’t turn down the chance to remain involved in some other capacity at some point. Obviously, babies Hudson and Haven are keeping her quite busy right now, and Herjavec seems to be loving every moment of it.