Sex Doll Relationships Becoming Mainstream? A Fascinating Glimpse [REPORT]

The Daily Mail recently profiled an Australian man living with a sex doll, and his insight into the relationship is fascinating.

First, a bit of context.

Sex dolls have been around for a long time, and men using them as props to achieve sexual release has become almost commonplace, at least as far as masturbatory methods go, in society. Some people, however, choose to take the relationships they have with their sex dolls far beyond sexual pleasure to the point where the sex doll's presence replaces that of a living girlfriend or even wife.

Such people, who are almost always middle-aged or older males, have traditionally been stigmatized by the outside world and labeled by the media as "creeps" or "losers." But in recent years, report sources such as The Debrief, sex dolls have become more mainstream as sex doll manufacturing technologies have enabled companies to put together a much more realistic-looking product, with currently-in-development AI technologies promising to give them even more of a human-like feel.

"Could it be that the gross out factor such dolls once garnered has been replaced with curiosity?" asks the article, hinting that living with a sex doll is still bound to attract interest but will no longer cast someone as crazy.

The fact that the Australian man, named Murray, was willing to be so open with the international press about his sex doll relationship and that The Daily Mail, one of the most-read publications on the internet, was happy to feature the story are both evidence of how the sex doll owners are becoming more normalized and comfortable with their unorthodox mates.

Murray does indeed love his doll, who he has named Noni.

"No one will love her as I do," he said in a video interview piece with ABC.

"If I come home from shopping, she's here, in the house. Thank God, the house isn't empty! It's not empty. It doesn't even feel silent," Murray explains.

"You talk to them. You're talking through your issues, your life, your highs, your lows, your joys, our sadnesses, whatever. And it just helps."
Murray sees the doll just as much as a partner to accompany him on the rocky passage through life as many people might with an organic girlfriend. And also similarly to how most long-term human couples operate, Murray and Noni did not begin to have sex immediately.

"It took me over a year to learn how to handle and manage dolls. How to make love to dolls," Murray revealed.

That is not to say the sex is bad. Murray stresses that sex with the doll is far more than he could ever experience when with a natural woman.
"Once you've gotten over that massive learning curve, suddenly they take you into realms that you didn't even know existed. A doll can do many things a real woman cannot do."
"There is an emotional connection that cannot easily be explained... In those moments, as with humans... you have become one," Murray finishes, struggling to find the right words to flesh out his meaning.

Murray admits that, although he is truly happy with his sex doll, it is not totally ideal to have a love interest who cannot reciprocate an affections. However, he says, the real thing is "not always available."

"If one had a complete choice," he notes, "you would rather have a real woman. But that's not always available to people."

The reporter in the ABC segment observes that Murray is a loner, and it seems from Murray's last quote that he himself would be the first to admit he has not been the most successful with the ladies. In fact, he says in the interview, he has been divorced three times. Accordingly, he has decided to manufacture his own romance-inspired happiness on his own terms by buying a doll. He is not hurting society in any way -- in fact, he looks from the seven minute-long segment to be a pretty nice guy. So why should others judge him?

Here's a word of advice to society: stop the sex doll stigma! It doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon. Many technology news sources report that full-fledged relationships with sex dolls (or maybe a more appropriate term is "love dolls") will become exponentially more common as robotics and more advanced computing allows them to "think" and act for themselves.

[Photo by Taro Karibe/Getty Images]