Joe Biden Admin Is Blocking UN Ceasefire Statement On Israel-Gaza Conflict, Report Says

Joe Biden in front of the Seal of the President of the United States.
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President Joe Biden's administration is blocking a United Nations Security Council statement on the escalating conflict between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza, Reuters reported.

The publication cited diplomats and a source familiar with the United States strategy. 

According to the source, Biden's administration is blocking the statement in fear that it would harm Washington's efforts to "achieve a ceasefire."

The White House is allegedly "actively engaged in diplomacy behind the scenes with all parties."

According to diplomats, the Security Council is set to hold a private meeting on Wednesday about the escalating violence in the Middle East.

Biden's State Department Refused To Address The UN Statement

As reported by Common Dreams, U.S. State Department spokesperson Ned Price refused to reveal whether Biden's administration was still opposed to a U.N. Security Council statement during a Tuesday briefing.

"Our message continues to be one of de-escalation. We do not want to see any actor, be it a government or be it an intergovernmental body, take an action that could serve to escalate rather than de-escalate."

Price came under scrutiny for being evasive when responding to questions on the conflict and refusing to condemn Israel's airstrikes, which killed children in Gaza.

UN Is Trying To 'De-Escalate' The Situation

On Tuesday, U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric echoed the Reuters diplomatic source's comment on the Biden administration and claimed that the intergovernmental organization is working to "de-escalate" the conflict.

"Israeli security forces must exercise maximum restraint and calibrate their use of force. The indiscriminate launching of rockets and mortars towards Israeli population centers is unacceptable."

Dujarric also said that U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is saddened by the escalating loss of life — including children in Israel and Gaza — that has resulted from the tensions.

Biden's Record On Israel Has Come Under Scrutiny

Joe Biden speaks at an event with Kamal Harris.
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Amid the escalating conflict, Biden's record on Israel has come under scrutiny.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald argued that Biden is a staunch supporter of Israel who is "as far to the pro-Israel side of the spectrum" as possible.

Elsewhere, in a tweet from last year, Greenwald called Biden's approach to the Middle East country "sociopathic."

"Biden is a servile steadfast supporter of Israel who crawls to AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] every year & delivers Netanyahu-scripted, sociopathic endorsement of whatever Israel wants."

Biden's Administration Plans To Exit Afghanistan By September 11

Biden's administration previously expressed plans to leave Afghanistan by September 11, 2020. 

Despite aims to leave the region, Biden's government is allegedly planning to send an additional 650 American soldiers to the area. 

As The Inquisitr reported, the troops are purportedly to aid in the process of withdrawal and maintain the safety of American soldiers.

The escalating tensions in the region again throw the U.S. and its role in the Middle East under the spotlight amid talks of leaving the area, which has been mired in conflict for decades.