Lakers News: NBA Insider Rips Anthony Davis, Says He's On The Decline

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The Los Angeles Lakers traded away most of their future to wrap their hands around Anthony Davis, and no one could argue it paid off as they won an NBA championship on his very first season with the team.

The Lakers expected Davis to lead the way and carry the torch in the post-LeBron James era. However, the injury-prone superstar has left a lot to be desired this season.

Currently out with yet another ailment, Davis has averaged just 23.3 points and 9.9 rebounds on 17.3% from beyond the arc, settling for contested jumpers and lacking the aggressive that marked his career.

Bill Simmons Says Anthony Davis' Career Is On The Decline

And, while every player could have a down season, NBA insider Bill Simmons thinks we've already seen the best from him.

Per his analysis and after taking a look at the stats, Simmons thinks Davis' career is already on the decline:

“[The Lakers] went all out on Davis a couple of years ago because they thought they would be an eventual torch-pass and what’s weird is Davis’ career has gone in the wrong direction,” Simmons said on SiriusXM NBA radio. “If your free-throw attempts are going down, your rebounds are going down, your field-goal percentage is going down, your points are going down, and you’re in your late 20s, that doesn’t make sense. You should be peaking in your late 20s. … Eye test plus the stats really makes me nervous.”


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Shaq Calls Out Davis, Rusell Westbrook

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Lakers legend Shaquille O'Neal isn't pleased with Davis' performances this season either.

Recently, he urged him and Russell Westbrook to step up, as LeBron James can only do so much:

"Because, remember, he needs help. And the help that everyone hyped so much," Shaq said, per Sports Illustrated. "Oh AD is coming back. oh oh my god we got Russell Westbrook, oh oh my god we just got Carmelo, oh oh my god we got this shooter. Oh, those guys ain’t stepping up. Listen, I’m telling you now, I would not have four championships if Kobe (Bryant) didn’t give me 28… Everybody got to step up."

LeBron James Talks Playing Center Without AD

LeBron even had to step up and play at center in Davis' absence. And even though he's fared pretty well, trusting a 37-year-old to endure that beating night in and night out isn't the best plan:

“Tonight called for me to start at center, and I just tried to be ahead of a lot of plays,” LeBron said, per ClutchPoints. “I never played center in my life. I’ve always been on the wing or handling the ball. I was a skinny, lanky kid growing up.”

The Lakers need to turn things around pretty quickly, and that will require Davis to turn back the clock and be back to his usual self.

Skip Bayless Says Lakers Should Swap Davis For Ben Simmons

Davis has been one of the most disappointing players in the game this season, and even well-known LeBron hater Skip Bayless thinks that the Lakers should explore moving him.

Per Bayless, they would be better off by swapping him from Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons:

"Ben Simmons gives you this: he's 3+ years younger than Anthony Davis... he's been pretty healthy. AD is not relatively healthy... If you want a basketball player, I suggest Ben Simmons right now would be more valuable to you than Anthony Davis," the controversial pundit said. " I don't know what's happened to him. He got his ring, and it almost felt like he semi-retired. Like he's not that into it anymore... I don't see the urgency in his game."