How Zendaya Got Over Her Fear Of Heights Thanks To Hugh Jackman

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Zendaya Coleman has done many impressive things in her career and she's just getting started. While she may be currently in the limelight for her roles in Dune and the Spider-Man franchise, fans can't forget her impressive performance in The Greatest Showman.

Premiering in 2017, the Michael Gracey film saw the then-21-year-old play trapeze artist Anne Wheeler alongside Zac Efron's Phillip Carlyle. Her immaculate acting aside, the job required a lot of physical training, with the singer and actress crediting co-star Hugh Jackman for helping her get over her fear of heights in order to play the trapeze part.

Read all about it below.

Just 4 Words

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According to Zendaya, it only took four words from Wolverine himself for her to overcome her issues with heights. Telling the story on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon back in December 2017, the Euphoria star, now 25, recounted how she first started rehearsing on a "specific rig" only to find it seriously elevated upon arriving on set.

As Zendaya told Jimmy, she "was used to" the original rig because "I had become normal with that height difference, and there was a net so I felt good and comfortable, and I had been doing it for a while."

However, Zendaya was dismayed when she arrived on set to find that the actual rig she was supposed to film on was "15 to 20 feet taller." Scroll to find out what Hugh told Zendaya to encourage her.

Pep Talk

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In addition to the major height difference, Zendaya also revealed that the new rig she was shooting on was not equipped with a safety net.

"No net, because back in the day, they didn’t have those yet. I was hooked up, so I was safe, but visually that’s a little — that’s a lot to get over, you know?" she shared.

Nevertheless, the star immediately found her courage after a short yet very effective pep talk from the X-Men alum, 53.

"Right when I was about to go up in the cherry picker, to go up to the thing, Hugh Jackman walked by and he goes, 'Zendaya, you’re a badass.’ And I was like, ‘Take me up,’" the actress told Jimmy.

First Scenes With Zac

Further detailing how she prepared for her trapeze acts, Zendaya shared that the rehearsals were "workshopped like a real Broadway production."

"It was a lot of training and a lot of just literally getting up there and just going for it," said the actress, who performed as many of her own stunts as possible in the movie.

Speaking about the first scenes she filmed with Zac, of whom she said was "such a great partner," Zendaya said the experience was up, close, and personal.

"One of our first kind of 'getting to know each other' sessions was like, 'Okay, here you go! You're harnessed together. Get up there!'" she shared.

Harnessed Together

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According to Zendaya, being harnessed together just as they met served as an "icebreaker" that ultimately helped forge the incredible chemistry we all saw on-screen.

"We really had to quite literally trust each other, because he had to hold my weight and I had to hold him. You know? So it was just kind of like a great icebreaker. You know what I'm saying?," Zendaya told Jimmy.

The former Disney star also detailed a specific scene where she and Zac were swinging on ropes and had to catch each other -- sans harness, this time -- revealing that took numerous tries to get done right.

Watch Zendaya tell the story in the video below. Stick till the end for her and Zac's trapeze fail.