Gemma Chan Teams Up With Moet USA To Help #StopEASAHate

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Racism continues to be a sore spot in the world today despite evolving technologies and globalization. Whereas some people choose to remain biased towards other humans because of their skin color and heritage, others like Gemma Chan choose to stand up to racist bullies. The Eternals actress lends her voice consistently to anti-racism causes, especially EASA hate. Being a UK-born Chinese woman, it's understandable that Chan feels passionate about EASA hate. On Monday, 20th Dec., the Crazy Rich Asians actress posted a picture on her Instagram feed featuring a Moet champagne bottle and glass doubling as a celebratory post and anti-racism campaign.

Teaming Up With Moet To Stop Hate

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The Asian community worldwide continues to face marginalization and racism as a minority race in their careers and daily lives. In the past year, several incidents regarding targeted hate crimes against Eastern and South-Eastern Asians in the UK led to protests against discrimination. Many organizations and individuals took stances to embrace diversity and end bias and discrimination. Champagne brand Moet USA joined in the fight against the EASA hate in the UK and the world at large. Chan joined forces with the powerhouse to amplify the voice for the cause.

Cheers To Stopping Asian Hate

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Gemma Chan wears a simple cozy black and off-white sweater at a candlelit dinner table in the post. She poses against a backdrop of a well-lit Christmas tree and home décor. As the talented actress celebrates the holidays with her loyal 2 million followers, she directs attention to a noble cause in her caption. Chan's collaboration with Moet USA benefits the #StopEASAHate Community Fund. The 39-year-old Chinese actress adds that the cause is close to her heart, which isn't the first time she's bringing it to attention. The Captain Marvel actress previously contributed to the East Side Voices to promote her Asian heritage as she does at any given opportunity.

Part Of The East Side Voices

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Chan wrote one of the essays in the East Side Voices, a book edited by Helena Lee alongside other prominent Asians living in the diaspora. The anthology speaks about East and South-East Asian identity in Britain.
According to Jonathan Liew, "strong, compelling, and quietly beautiful collection of stories that have gone untold for too long, from voices that have too often been sidelined from the artistic mainstream." Thanks to courageous celebrities like Gemma Chan, the narrative changes in Hollywood, albeit slowly. In 2021 only, the actress secured several high-profile movie roles, including other ethnic actresses like Salma Hayek.

Paying Homage To Her Ancestry

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Chan doesn't limit her Asian heritage promotion to social media verbal activism but extends it to her fashion. She paid homage to legendary Asian actress Anna May Wong wearing a Prabal Gurung custom-made dress at the 2021 MET Gala in September.
She paired the long train mini-dress with a full fringe and braided bun hairstyle. She thanked the pioneer who opened the door for newcomers like herself in Hollywood in her Instagram post.