Pete Davidson & Machine Gun Kelly's Lie Detector Test Proves They're Ultimate BFFs

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly are lately being Googled a ton for romancing gorgeous older ladies that the internet feels are out of their league -- but that's not all the two share in common.

The 28-year-old SNL comic and the 31-year-old rapper are also frequently in the news for their cute bromance, with an older video proving just why they're the ultimate BFFs.

Back in 2019, the dynamic duo went under the lie detector for Vogue, answering uncomfortable questions about each other that they joked were "trying to tear them apart."

Although Pete and MGK (real name Colson Baker) were promoting their Mötley Crüe biopic, The Dirt, at the time, they ended up putting their friendship to the test, proving their bond was indestructible.

Here's what happened.

What MGK Revealed About Pete

As expected, Pete and MGK's lie detector test resulted in quite a few revelations, with plenty of hilarious moments to go around. The two buddies were truthful almost without exception and adorably lavished each other with compliments as they got through a list of questions provided by Vogue.

The pair interviewed each other while one of them was hooked up to the lie detector, with MGK being the first one to land in the hot seat. Right off the bat, the "Bloody Valentine" singer admitted that he thought Pete wouldn't make a good rapper, although he did give his pal credit for being able to freestyle.

When asked if Pete was a better stand-up comedian than an actor, he delivered a sweet reply, saying that his buddy was "great at both," with a lie detector expert confirming he was telling the truth.

Keeping the praises coming, MGK also stated that he never "fake laughed" at any of Pete's jokes and that he watched all of his pal's SNL sketches.

However, the Hotel Diablo artists did get caught with a lie. Check it out below.

Not The Funniest 'SNL' Cast Member

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As it turned out, MGK didn't think Pete was the funniest SNL cast member, with the lie detector revealing his true feelings on the topic. The rapper eventually admitted he thought Keenan Thompson was funnier during a follow-up question, to which Pete replied: "We all think that Kenan is funnier than me, I'm cool with admitting that."

For those wondering if the topic of "BDE" was brought up during the interview, everyone agreed that Pete couldn't beat George Clooney by a long shot.

In a surprising revelation, MGK, who was in Netflix's Bird Box, confessed he wouldn't outlive Pete in a post-apocalyptic world. He also said that his BFF would make a great dad, detailing how the comedian showed true paternal instincts during a road trip with MGK and his 12-year-old daughter, Casie.

Watch the trio making pancakes and singing about it in the Instagram video below.

Pete's Favorite MGK Song

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During his turn on the lie detector, Pete revealed he loves many of MGK's songs, with his favorites changing all the time.

"Currently, it is one that is unreleased that it's called 'Rollin','" he said, before rapping a couple of verses for his buddy.

Pete also said he'd never pretended to like any of his BFF's music, admitting that "there are songs that have grown on me."

The Suicide Squad actor piled on the praises for his BFF as he discussed whether MGK could successfully try stand-up.

"Yeah, absolutely," he said, adding: "That's really frustrating, I think you can get pretty good at it really quickly."

Pete, who also co-starred with MGK in The King of Staten Island and Big Time Adolescence, also conceded that his pal was a better actor, saying "you could play characters and stuff I can only play myself."

Pete Doesn't Like All Of MGK's Tattoos

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Pete remained truthful through the problematic questions as well, admitting that he doesn't like all of MGK's tattoos. He also confessed he was better at flirting than his friend, but admitted that MGK was more attractive: "You're a better-looking guy than I am but I'm better talking."

The comic revealed people are usually surprised that the rapper is actually a "really sweet" guy because he looks "tougher."

Among other revelations, Pete said he'd love to write an SNL sketch featuring MGK.

Watch the whole interview below.