Mark Consuelos Better Watch His Back Because He Has A Doppelganger!

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Every time we see Michael Consuelos, it feels like we are fresh out of a time capsule back in his father, Mark Consuelos' youth. We accepted that some years ago, but the similarity becomes more apparent as he grows into an older man.

If you didn't know, Riverdale is the live-action of Archie's teenage comic sensation that's aired since 2017. The resemblance between the two is uncanny, so it was a no brainer choosing Michael to play young Hiram Lodge on Riverdale. Watching Michael fill his shoes was a bucket list moment for Mark Consuelos, and he said as much in his Esquire interview.

It's Instagram Official

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You know something is serious when the parties involved make it Instagram Official. In June this year, Mark celebrated his son with a post on the 'gram captioning it "You led the way." Again, did someone say doppelganger? It must feel so good to recreate a spitting image of yourself. Even though the father-son duo shares a physical likeness, the younger "MC" insists he's nothing like his father.

This Apple Falls A Little Far From The Tree

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Unlike his parents, Michael likes to keep his life private. We know Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos aren't shy about their love. They recently shared a hip picture on their Italian family vacation where Kelly threw it back for a very happy Mark. When Ryan Seacrest (co-host of Live with Kelly & Ryan) asked Michael what he thought about the picture, he replied, "It's fine." That must've been awkward because Michael mentioned in his Daily Pop interview on Aug. 11 that it's "a blessing and a curse to have young parents."

The Consuelos Have The Blessing Part On Lock

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No doubt the "curse" part was a joke because the Consuelos' are a tight knit family. Whether they're celebrating family successes together or teasing each other (again on the 'gram), they sure love themselves. Or maybe they don't since Michael called out his mom Kelly for snubbing him on Facetime. Who does that, really - Haha, just kidding.

Michael joked about being the Connor Roy of the family. You'd get that reference if you binged Succession like the rest of us, but you don't, so I have to explain while I silently judge you. Connor is the cliché black sheep of the family who seeks his parents' validation, and love but I digress. Why Succession, though?

Live With Kelly And Ryan

On his recent visit to Live, Michael mentioned that he stays at his parent's house when he has to Guest on the show. That was in response to Seacrest's meddling when he asked what they watched in the basement. The Riverdale actor replied, "Succession." They're always chatting about the show, even at the dinner table. I can relate, and I approve - you should too.