Hailey Bieber Discusses Relationship Red Flags on 'Ellen'

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Fatima Araos

Hailey Bieber recently stopped by The Ellen Show and offered some really interesting opinions on relationship red flags. While playing a game with Yvonne Orji, who was a guest host sitting in for Ellen DeGeneres, the 25-year-old model answered questions about what she considered as “danger” signs in dating.

While both women held literal red flags, Orji presented scenarios and discussed with Bieber whether she thought they could potentially pose problems in a relationship. The result? A conversation that was at times serious but often hilarious. Scroll for details.

Phone Snooping Is Not Okay

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For the first scenario, Orji asked how Bieber would feel about someone going “through your phone when you’re not around.” Immediately, the gorgeous socialite raised her red flag, making it known without a doubt that it was a no-no for her. She did admit, though, that she’d done it to someone in the past and that she was a “big, fat red flag for that one.” Turning serious, she explained that it was an issue of trust, which would def be a problem in a relationship!

Therapy Is Okay

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Next scenario was “has never been to therapy.” While Orji thought it was a red flag, Bieber gently disagreed, saying that therapy might not even be an option for those who can’t afford or have access to it. But if it was accessible, then she would recommend therapy to anyone who was in a serious relationship. Words of wisdom from Mrs. Bieber right there, which drew applause from Orji and the audience.

Next, a very important question: what if someone “asks to split the bill 50/50”?

Splitting The Bill Is Okay

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Orji looked a bit outraged that Bieber didn’t raise her red flag for that one. But the latter explained that a “strong, independent woman who makes her own money…might personally feel more comfortable” to split the bill with her date, to which Orji hilariously replied, “No, that’s my brother or my roommate.”

The next scenario – “has never been in a serious relationship before” – drew an emotional reaction from DJ Twitch, who said that it was definitely a red flag for him.

Lack Of Past Serious Relationships Is Okay But Pineapple On Pizza Not!

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However, the model and wife of Justin Bieber felt that it wasn’t a problem at all, explaining, “The first serious relationship I was in was the person I married.”

The last scenario Orji presented was definitely a polarizing issue that everyone has a strong opinion about: pineapple on pizza. Bieber was quick to raise her red flag, saying that it wasn’t a “good flavor profile.” Orji disagreed and the back-and-forth got a little intense. Told you it was polarizing (but all in good fun).