Surveillance Video Shows Uber Driver Shooting Would Be Robbers

[CBS Philly][YouTube]

Damir Mujezinovic

An Uber driver in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania took matters into his own hands on Saturday, when multiple armed individuals attempted to rob him.

The incident took place in the city's Mayfair neighborhood at around 12:15 a.m. The quick-thinking driver's reaction was captured by multiple surveillance cameras nearby.

The surveillance footage -- which can be viewed below -- helped the authorities establish that the driver acted within the law, shooting at the would be robbers to defend himself and his property.

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Surveillance Video

A surveillance camera video shows the Uber driver getting out of a car just outside of his home, carrying several bags. Three men are then seen walking up to the driver with their guns drawn.

The men tried to robbed the driver, but he reacted quickly, pulling out a gun of his own and shooting at least two of them, as reported by CBS 3 Philly.

The video is available on the TV station's official YouTube channel and can be viewed below.


One of the would be robbers was shot numerous times in the chest. He was pronounced dead at 4:59 a.m. at Jefferson-Torresdale Hospital, according to the authorities.

A second would be robber was shot multiple times throughout his body, according to police, and he is now in critical condition. The third suspect, who is also male, is on the run.

Police also told CBS 3 Philly that one arrest has been made so far, and that two firearms have been recovered from the scene.

Permit To Carry

[CBS Philly][YouTube]

Inspector DF Pace explained that the Uber driver had a permit to carry, and stressed that surveillance footage confirmed his version of events.

"The person who was targeted in this robbery was in possession of a valid permit to carry," Pace stated.

"He stayed on location, spoke to police, described what happened, and additionally, there were numerous cameras in the area that we were able to access, which confirmed his version of what happened," he continued, noting that the incident is now under investigation.


A neighbor told CBS 3 Philly that the driver was in shock after the incident.

"All he kept saying is, 'I had to, I had to. I didn’t want to, but I had to.' You could tell he was really upset about it, but I’m glad he was able to protect his family and protect himself," the neighbor said.

Per The New York Post, a Mayfair local said that the driver clearly acted in self-defense.

"I don’t really like violence. But it’s in self-defense, so if he didn’t shoot them, they might have shot him. So I think, in that case, there’s not much he can do," the local said.