NFL Rumors: Cowboys Star Dak Prescott Has A Big Warning For The League

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Following their tough loss to the Denver Broncos, the Dallas Cowboys needed to shut down all the outside noise and go back to basics.

Mike McCarthy's team was clearly hurt and hungry to prove that last week's game wasn't a blueprint on how to stop them, starting with quarterback Dak Prescott.

Prescott was fired up before the game, shouting and talking to his teammates to get them going.

That little talk worked out perfectly, as they completely routed the Falcons with a statement 43-3 win.

'We Needed To Respond'

Dak knew that it was on him to lead the way if the Cowboys were to bounce back from that tough loss, so he wanted to make sure everybody was in line and ready to respond:

“I felt some type of way about not doing it last week,” Prescott told Jon Machota of The Athletic. “So I wanted to make sure I just got back to it. I think that’s something you’ll continue to see me do throughout the season. Just another chance for me to talk to obviously the offense that I talk to a lot, but the whole team, the defense and the special teams. Maybe guys that don’t hear from me often. Just to tell them what I’m thinking, tell them what we need to do as a team."

“We needed to rebound and we needed to respond. Whether I use a couple of (expletives) or not, that’s just the emotion and the passion that I have for this game," he added.


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Cowboys Warning

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The Dallas Cowboys got off to an impressive start of the season, yet people continued to doubt their ability to dominate and go back to the playoffs.

That's why the talented QB wanted to remind everybody of how resilient and mentally strong they are:

“We’re a resilient team,” Prescott said. “A team that is very aware of what we’re capable of. Last week just wasn’t us. And everybody in that locker room knows that. It left a bad taste in our mouth. I think it was taste that we needed, to understand how tough this game is. But tonight just shows that when we focus in, take it one play at a time, and our minds are where our feet are, we’re capable of doing some great things.”

Zeke Elliott Lauds Dak's Intensity

That's the kind of leadership any contending team needs. Prescott set the tone for the rest of his teammates and star running back Ezekiel Elliott knows credited for taking the intensity up a notch:

“I mean, he’s intense,” Elliott said of Prescott's pregame speech. “He’s going to come out ready to go. I think he definitely wanted this week a little bit more after what happened to us last week. Dak is our leader, we go as he goes. We did our job today.”

Cowboys Put The League On Notice

The Cowboys wanted to make a statement and they succeeded.

Rookie star Micah Parsons, who had six tackles, one sack, and one forced fumble, wanted to make sure everybody knows not to mess with America's Team:

"I don’t think one game will ever define us,” Parsons told the Dallas News. “So the fact that the way we were able to bounce back and be dominant, that should put everybody on notice. I don’t want to use my bad language out here, but we don’t want to be (expletive) with, right now, you feel me.”

Now, the Cowboys will take their 7-2 record to a must-watch game against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, and a win at Arrowhead will most likely shut down all the doubts about them and their character once and for all.