Shangela Shares Inspiration Behind 'Temecula Barbie' in 'We're Here' Season 2

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Lindsay Cronin

Shangela put a lot of thought into her "Temecula Barbie" look for the second season of HBO Max's We're Here, which should come as no surprise to her longtime fans. After all, Shangela was known for her over-the-top and meticulously thought-out looks on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Just days after the season two premiere, Shangela and her castmates, including Bob the Drag Queen and Eureka O'Hara, sat down with the AV Club to discuss their style on the series' latest episodes.

Shangela's 'Temecula Barbie' Inspired by 'Legally Blonde'

Speaking of her "Temecula Barbie" outfit, Shangela told the outlet she was inspired by Reese Witherspoon's character in Legally Blonde, the iconic Elle Woods.

"I mean, look at us. We look rich, OK?” she began.

“For my look, I was thinking very Legally Blonde, very Elle Woods...It just felt so feminine and fun and almost Barbie in a way with the tiny purse and the jewels in the hair."

According to Shangela, she felt that her look was right out of the box.


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Shangela Gushes Over Her 'Temecula Barbie' Look

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Continuing on to AV Box, Shangela said that when she saw her look come together, it was as if someone had pulled a Barbie doll straight out of the box she came in.

"It felt like someone had taken a Barbie box and literally just put a little look at it and pulled the Barbie right on out and put her in Temecula," Shangela stated.

Not surprisingly, Shangela's "Temecula Barbie" look featured plenty of pink, with feathered and diamond accents throughout.

Shangela Announced 'We're Here' Season 2 on Instagram

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On September 24, Shangela confirmed We're Here season 2 would begin streaming on HBO Max on October 11 on her Instagram page, along with a photo of her and her co-stars, including Bob the Drag Queen and Eureka O'Hara.

"Did somebody call for some Professionals?!? … well, We’re Here!" Shangela declared. "We have officially wrapped filming season 2, and can’t wait to share some of the most touching and emotional (grab the Kleenex) queer stories from across the US on Oct 11 on [HBO Max]."

Shangela Says Fans Are Going to Be 'Shook'

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Following the creation of her "Temecula Barbie" persona, Shangela told her fans online there was plenty of exciting moments to come.

"I mean, honestly I think y’all are gonna be Shook, and fully inspired," she explained.

"Big love to my sisters [Bob the Drag Queen] and [Eureka O'Hara] y’all truly are some top tier divas, to our creators [Johnnie Ingram and Steve Warren] your leadership and vision is unparalleled. Our director Peter LoGreco, our IPC family, our [HBO and HBO Max] family and all the crew … thx for making Magic thru this experience!" she added.