Dove Cameron Gets Bendy With Flexible Sunshine Stretch


Rebecca Cukier

Dove Cameron, who clocked 1 million views in 24 hours with her flexible splits earlier this year, is back to stretching it out on Instagram, this time during a classy and off-beat shoot. The 25-year-old former Disney star and Emmy winner has been delighting her followers with a photo showing her leg kicked right up against a wall, with the sunny snap marking yet another magazine feature - this time with *The Untitled Magazine."

Dove had also gone super-stylish in an all-cream look - check out the shot below.

Big Kick Energy


Scroll for the photo. It comes as Cameron makes headlines for a super-glitzy Rodarte evening look, one donned for a ballet outing in New York City. The Descendants star had been photographed at an unusual angle, almost affording a sideways finish as she stood between two white walls and leaning right over for a high kick.

Wearing wide-legged and cream sweatpants, plus a structured and peep-hole matching top with elbow gloves, the "We Belong" singer also sported chunky and heeled boots while raising her left leg high.


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See The Photo Below

Dove, who wore virtually no makeup and her hair swept up into a bun, created a shadow with her arms, with a caption saying: "Hey" as it added a ton of near-illegible signs. The post currently sits at over 530,000 likes, with the top comment reading: "I would let you kick me."

"The flexibility tho," another user replied. "I have back problems," a third said, jokingly adding: "Girl, yeah, but at least ur hot." Scroll for more photos after the snap.

Affirmations Come 'True'


Dove, known for her love of mysticism and boasting a snake tattoo on her ankle - complete with the knowledge behind it - has been opening up on her career. Speaking to BeatRoute this year, the ex to Thomas Doherty revealed:

“If you’re steadfast in your goals, the universe conspires to make it happen,” adding: “I tell myself these crazy impossible things, and nine times out of 10, they come true! You just have to get out of your own way, and the molecules fill in the space you create.”

Glass Half Full

Dove, who has updated her Instagram crying happy tears and recently had a friend catch her crying, keeps it glass half full. In January, she told her followers:

"I’m happy to be alive. it’s very intense here. i’m feeling everything all at once and i can barely contain it. it’s good !! it’s painful !! i’m writing a lot of music right now. i’m excited to share it with you, all my feelings about this."