Anna Kendrick Flaunts 'Island Boyfriend' In Checkered Bikini

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Rebecca Cukier

Anna Kendrick is stunning in a pink-and-white checkered bikini while shouting out an unconventional take on boyfriends. The 36-year-old Pitch Perfect actress has been out in French Polynesia for a vacation including her former co-stars, with photos on her Instagram documenting the whole thing.

Anna, who has spent her time on the exotic islands with a bicycle while getting plenty of fresh air, has also been spending quality gal pal time - in this particular image, though, the girlfriend became the "island boyfriend."

'Island Boyfriend' Time

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Scroll for the photo, one shared with the pint-sized star's 18.5 million followers. Anna had kicked off the bikini vibes while straddling a cute bicycle as she joked about falling off right after the snap was taken. The brunette quickly followed her shot with a selfie, one showing her sticking out her tongue, wearing shades, and rocking a two-toned gingham bikini while out on a deck.

The duo snap also featured one of the actress' female friends, although the caption threw in a curveball.


Chanel West Coast Proud Of Cheeks-Out Bikini Shots

Chanel West Coast Proud Of Cheeks-Out Bikini Pics

Keep Scrolling For The Snap

Taking to her caption, Anna wrote: "My island boyfriend @chrissiefit," and it looks like pal Chrissie was right in the joke. She swiftly swooped into the comments section, leaving a long string of ring emoji. A like also came in from Pitch Perfect co-star Rebel Wilson, herself making headlines for calling the French Polynesia vacation a "Rebel Island" one.

"Anna being active, we like that," a fan replied. "I volunteer to be an island boyfriend!" another chimed in. See more photos after the snap.

Values 'Sense Of Play'

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Known for being goofy on Instagram and recently joking about growing 10 inches in quarantine as she rocked high heels, Anna has opened up on her fun side. Speaking to Shape, the star revealed:

"I'm trying to have a sense of play," adding: "A lot of my life over the last decade has been work, recover, work, recover. That doesn't leave much room for anything else. That's the mindset and the reality for a lot of people. You work and then recover so you can work some more. Putting some fun and silliness into my life is one of my goals."

Talking Superpowers

The feminine-strong actress, who also outlined a love of mac and cheese and hitting up 7/11 in comfy leggings, added:

"Women are so much better at dealing with challenging, complicated situations because conflict is about emotions. And it does start to feel like a superpower. In my experience, emotional intelligence is one of the only things that really matters."

Anna's "island boyfriend" post currently sits at over 767,000 likes and was followed by one more stunning biking snap. For more from Anna, check out her Instagram.