Drama Starting To Build Around Cam Newton & New England Patriots

Cam Newton after the Patriots' practice
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New England Patriots veteran quarterback Cam Newton is set to be on the sideline for days due to, what the team described, as a "misunderstanding." Citing an official statement released by the Patriots, Darren Hartwell of NBC Sports Boston revealed that Newton won't be allowed to attend practices on Monday and Tuesday as well as a joint practice session with the New York Giants on Wednesday after failing to follow the NFL-NFL Players Association COVID protocols when he left New England to receive medical treatment.

Patriots Frustrated With Cam Newton

Cam Newton screams after Patriots' victory
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Since returning from his medical appointment, Newton is being tested daily to make sure that he is COVID-free. If all his tests until Thursday are negative, the 32-year-old quarterback would have the opportunity to join the Patriots in their second joint practice session against the Giants.

Newton may haven't missed an official NFL game, but it seems like his negligence didn't sit well with the Patriots. On Twitter Michael Giardi of NFL Network revealed that there is a "level of frustration internally" with the situation involving Newton.

Cam Newton's Absence Opened Window For Mac Jones

Mac Jones raising his arm
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It's understandable why the Patriots are frustrated with Newton. Newton is currently the team's starting quarterback, and the Patriots need him in their final preparation before the start of the 2021 NFL season. A source who spoke to Giardi believes that Newton's absence would be beneficial for Mac Jones, the Patriots' backup quarterback who was selected as the No. 15 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

"One important member of the organization believes this has 'opened' a window of opportunity for rookie Mac Jones," Giardi said.

Mac Jones Could Steal Starting Job From Cam Newton

Mac Jones smiling after the team's victory
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Patriots head coach Bill Belichick may have said on numerous occasions that Newton will be their starting quarterback in the 2021 NFL season, but he hasn't also fully closed his doors about making changes, especially if somebody plays better than the three-time Pro Bowl. Jones may still have no NFL experience, but he's established a remarkable performance in the training camp and preseason.

If Jones could impress Belichick and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels in the days that Newton is absent, it won't be surprising if the Patriots have a new starting quarterback in Week 1 of 2021 NFL season.

Coach Bill Belichick Refuses To Make Comments On Cam Newton Situation

Coach Bill Belichick during an interview
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As of now, the Patriots haven't released any statement that would confirm nor deny their rumored "frustration" with the situation involving Newton. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Belichick refused to give further details regarding Newton's absence.

"I don't have anything to add to the statement. It is what it is. We've given you the information and that's all I have," Belichick said, as quoted by Mike Reiss of ESPN.

However, Belichick acknowledged that Newton's absence would be a huge opportunity for Jones.