Jessica Simpson Rocks Picnic Dress To Promote Prescription Drugs

Gettyimages | Eugene Gologursky

Rebecca Cukier

Jessica Simpson is facing a very mixed crowd as she returns to Instagram to promote pharmaceuticals giant Pfizer. The 40-year-old actress and fashion mogul, who has a Pfizer partnership, yesterday posted a photo of herself in a summery gingham dress and while on a picnic blanket, but the post wasn't shouting out the star's best-selling Jessica Simpson Style brand. Posting on Monday, the blonde was alerting her 5.6 million followers to eczema-fighting cream EUCRISA. See the photo and rather underwhelmed response below.

Summer Skin Solutions

Scroll for the photo. While illegal in many parts of the world, including the U.K., the promotion of Rx drugs is perfectly kosher in the U.S. Mom of three Jessica, who has battled eczema in the past, updated all smiles and showing off the 100 pounds she's dropped as she went summery and carefree. The singer, wearing a light gingham check dress with a white tee finish, looked gorgeous amid grass and picnic decor, with the caption talking skin.

Jessica began by shouting out her fondness for summer pool time with her family.

See The Photo Below

Addressing fans, Simpson said: "I love being in the sun, so during this time of year, I am very conscious of using extra moisturizer, sunscreen and doing my best to keep a close eye on my eczema that tends to act up in the heat."

"If it does, I use EUCRISA (crisaborole) ointment, 2%, to treat my mild-to-moderate eczema. While your experience may vary, it’s made such a difference for me," she added, also encouraging fans to bring up the cream at a doctor's visit. See the scathing response after the photo.

Fans Question The Morals

Jessica, who ensured her post came with full safety warnings, now sees a lukewarm response. Many fans didn't seem to appreciate the big pharm plug, one that's seen making headlines by stars including Khloe Kardashian and her migraine meds promos.

"How much money do you need?" a popular comment read. Another fan, meanwhile, voiced their disapproval by writing: "Greedy celebs doing these ads when they're already filthy filthy rich." Jessica was also told: "No thanks, you're not selling me on Pfizer. How many lawsuits is Pfizer involved in." More photos below.

A Real Problem For Her

Jessica, who has this year opened up on feeling body-shamed in her past, has also spoken out on her skin battles. She told People that eczema was something she fought from childhood, revealing:

"I experienced it in junior high and high school, and after cheerleading I would just put on my letter[man] jacket or a sweatshirt because people would hug me and be like, 'What is that on your arm?' And I'm just like, 'Ah, it's the weather. It's Texas. It's a heat rash.'"