Courtney Stodden Rocks Rainbow Bikini With PRIDE Message

Courtney Stodden close up
Gettyimages | Michael Buckner

Courtney Stodden, now proudly non-binary, is backing PRIDE Month with the biggest fashion statement there is. The 26-year-old model, singer, and former teen bride went for the LGBTQ-friendly rainbow this weekend, rocking their signature swimwear for a solidarity post and also reminding fans that it isn't "she" anymore. Courtney, newly engaged and newly non-binary, is "they/them" following an April announcement. Fans have been backing the "Bully" singer amid this and their beef with Chrissy Teigen, but it was low drama today. Check it out below.

Backing The Rainbow

C. Stodden in yellow boho top

Scroll for the photo. Courtney, who joins non-binary celebrities from Sam Smith to Demi Lovato, updated Sunday and for their 313,000 Instagram followers. The photo may have been a throwback, but it was, regardless, welcomed as Stodden showed off their assets in a halterneck and rainbow bikini with black piping, also going makeup-free.

Courtney was backed by a rainbow-colored wall, going full PRIDE and writing: "I'm loud and proud," adding hashtags of #nonbinary #lgbtqia, and shouting out Pride Month. A rainbow emoji completed the caption.

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Mid-April marked Courtney coming out as non-binary, telling fans: 

"They/them/theirs. I don’t Identify as she or her. I’ve never felt like I ever fit in anywhere. I was bullied horribly in school because I was different. The other girls never understood me. It got so bad that my mom pulled me out of school. And still, i don’t fit in."

The ex to The Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison, continued: "I never really connected with anyone my age. My spirit is fluid with a kaleidoscope of color." See more photos after the snap.

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Courtney, who is now engaged to Chris Sheng, 41, has been putting behind a teen marriage that proved both high-profile and ugly. Courtney and Doug finalized their divorce in 2020, with the blonde having since teased a tell-all book as they slam their ex and call him a "pedo." Stodden alleges that they were "groomed."

Stodden was today called a "non-binary icon" by fans, who quickly filled the comments section. The former reality star, who has a makeup line in the works, was also called "beautiful." More below. 

Reveals Attempt At Own Life

Courtney, told to take their own life in a Chrissy Teigen tweet (the cookbook queen has since apologized), has opened up on mental health, specifically on suicidal ideation. Speaking on YouTube, they revealed:

“It’s no secret that I struggle with depression… I attempted to commit suicide about a year ago. It was just a point where I didn’t see a way out of all of the pain and grief and craziness and insanity of my life… Things happen behind closed doors. I just feel like it all got too much for me."

Stodden now seems happy, healthy, and definitely ENGAGED.