Gymnast Nastia Liukin Gobbles Gummy Bears In Gold Shorts

Nastia Liukin close up and outdoors

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin is downing Haribo gummies with her Gold Medal legs out. The 31-year-old former athlete and 2008 all-around champion is fresh from a giant Q&A for her 1 million Instagram followers, one seeing the Russian-born star address everything from her perfect nails to her candy preferences. Nastia, just this week showing her super-healthy side as she promoted high-protein Magic O's breakfast cereal, was here proving that even gymnasts can eat junk food. Check out the Haribo action below.

Always Room For Snacks

Nastia Liukin snacking on pizza

Scroll for the photo, one that comes in the wake of headlines Nastia made last year for a high-profile anorexia storm. The star, who has revealed she always keeps her pantry stocked with Oreo cookies, was here taking in a different kind of sugar.

Posting a throwback of herself indoors and in pleated, chic gold shorts and a tight red tank top, the five-time Olympic medalist was seen snacking on Haribo gummy bears. The fan had asked: "What's your favorite candy?" with Liukin replying: "Gummy bears, especially @Haribo."

See The Gummies Below!

Nastia, all smiles in the shot, was flaunting her jaw-dropping body, one that's been getting shown off bikini-style of late following the star's recent California travels. Nastia does not, however, tolerate skinny-shaming, this year making headlines as she clapped back to a troll asking to see her "gross skinny chicken legs."

Nastia, who celebrated her 31st birthday last year with both a giant donuts tray and a trip to burger chain Shake Shack, has been shutting down the shamers. See more photos below.

Anorexia Clap-Back

Nastia Liukin with candy in shorts

October 2020 marked a fan DM asking Liukin how she feels about "promoting borderline anorexia bodies." Firing back in a skin-tight dress selfie, the gymnast admitted she felt "triggered" by the comment, adding:

"If taking pictures of my OWN body — a body that won me many Olympic medals, a body that I push each day to get stronger, a body that God gave me — is inherently promoting anorexia, then honestly, we've gotten to a place in the world where just BEING is offensive."

Appetite Of A Champion

Nastia, who recently shared a pizza snacking session while getting glammed up, has opened up on her weight, this after retiring aged just 22 back in 2012. In 2016, she told The Cut:

"I felt so lost for a good year. I gained probably 10 to 20 pounds, because when you stop doing something and just go cold turkey your body doesn’t even know what to do. I finally feel like I’ve found my rhythm again."

Nastia now runs, boxes, and keeps up her flexibility with those insane morning workouts.