Gymnast McKayla Maroney Suffers Malfunction In Skimpy Bath Towel

Rebecca Cukier

Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney has been hanging around in a skimpy white bath towel and matching headband, with the 25-year-old vault queen bravely sharing her technical malfunction to Instagram. The London 2012 Olympics face, in the news of late for both her kidney stones diagnosis and fronting car insurance giant GEICO, was all good looks and self-care in her Tuesday night stories, with footage posted for her 1.3 million followers showing a little difficult moment. Invisalign isn't always what it seems. 

Not To Plan

Scroll for the towel action. Filming herself in selfie mode and late at night, the gorgeous gymnast appeared in only a white towel wrapped around her, plus cute bunny-effect ears as a matching hair towel kept it co-ord. The California native, who said she was "studying sunscreens lol," then revealed what was going on.

"I got Invisalign today," she said smiling. "And I definitely have a lisp going on. I'm not happy with it., I'm sure it'll get better!" Maroney added.

See Her Skimpy Towel Below!

"Wish me luck" then appeared in text as McKayla posed for a cute, closed-eyed selfie with the peace sign. And luck is something Marney hasn't had much of this year. In February, the gymnast made headlines for a late-night E.R. trip as she revealed being in "severe pain," with the CT scan then confirming a kidney stones situation.

By March, and with the stones not having budged in "three weeks," McKayla underwent surgery and is still recovering. See the towel and her GEICO handstand below.

Scroll For Her GEICO Handstand!

Shortly after hitting up the E.R., Maroney had told fans: "Had to come to the ER at 3am because pain kept getting worse, and I couldn't stop throwing up. Just got by CT Scan back. I have a few kidney stones."

McKayla, who didn't want the surgery and feared the "toll" it takes on your body, has since updated to confirm the op was a success. She's now making headlines for a hilarious and very impressive leotard handstand as she promotes safe driving.


Texting when driving is a no-no for McKayla, whose recent leotard-clad and lawn-set video ensured drivers switch to "do not disturb" mode when behind the wheel. The promo was delivered with a jaw-dropping handstand and McKayla in a tight blue leotard, with the caption reading:

"Need help remembering to not drive distracted? Let me give you a hand-stand."

Also included in the video was the gymnast's famous "unimpressed" face, one that went viral back in 2012 and even got recreated by former President Barack Obama.