Chanel West Coast Stoned In Bikini On Easter Weekend

Chanel West Coast close up

Chanel West Coast is getting baked in her bikini over Easter and she's broadcasting it to Instagram. The 32-year-old rapper and Ridiculousness star, always up for a little bikini action, was all tight body and bronzed skin as she updated for her 3.5 million followers today, with the MTV face enjoying both a sunbathing session in her L.A. home and a little legal weed. Chanel, who benefits from a legal marijuana status in the state of California, was big-time repping the doobies - check it out below.

It's Always Bikini Season

Chanel West Coast in Burberry

Scroll for the action. Chanel, who has recently admitted to dropping a massive amount of weight during the pandemic and even showed her baggy spandex during a workout, was all ripped abs and curvy hips in her selfie action, posting Monday and going pastel in a sexy, 50's-style, and knotted bikini. The "No Plans" rapper, seemingly with big plans up her sleeve, gave fans a full 360 in her tiny two-piece, with the star even rocking matching nails for a full glam look. 

See Her Doobie!


Making sure the camera took in her oiled-up chest and gorgeous curves, Chanel kept it low-key and chill, and it definitely turned more chill with the next story. Here, Chanel opted out of showing her face, but she did flaunt her massive blunt. West Coast, who big-time raps about weed on her tracks, has stated she started smoking marijuana aged 11. In fact, she's even mentioned growing some to help pay the bills.

In 2020, Chanel marked the loss of a close friend Nicole as a result of addiction. See more photos below.

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Chanel West Coast holding a blunt

Posting in tribute to her friend, the rapper wrote: "I will do all I can to make sure to fight against addiction issues and I will try to help as many people as I can get off drugs because I should've done that for you. I should've went to rehab with you and quit smoking weed and did whatever it takes to get you on track."

Chanel then released "Sharon Stoned" in 2019, a track that shouted out legendary Basic Instinct actress Sharon Stoned. 

'Sharon Stoned'

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track, one that brought a glossy black corset and peroxide-blonde hair from Chanel, the rapper stated:

"The inspiration behind the song came from... I was at the studio one day, and the movie Casino was playing."

"I was talking to my producer about [the movie] and he made a little joke out of it and said, 'Oh you’re Sharon Stoned.' You know because I do smoke weed. Then it kind of just hit me, that's a song right there," she added.