Olivia Munn Raves Over President Joe Biden's Remarks On The Atlanta Shootings

Olivia Munn stuns at a public appearance
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Actress Olivia Munn spoke with Gayle King on her Sirius radio show on Thursday, March 18, and she took a moment to reference the recent shootings in Atlanta and President Joe Biden's remarks on the heartbreaking situation.

The shooting occurred in the Atlanta area on Tuesday and left eight people dead. The alleged gunman, 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long, was arrested shortly after the multi-site shootings. Six of the victims were identified as Asian women who worked in the three massage parlors targeted by Long, according to People.

Biden Is Honoring The Atlanta Shooting Victims

President Joe Biden speaks
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On Thursday, NPR detailed that Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris would travel to Atlanta Friday to meet with local leaders in the Asian American community. Biden also ordered flags at all federal buildings to be lowered to half-staff until Monday evening to honor those lost in the Georgia shootings.

In her chat with King, Munn noted that it was powerful to her to learn of Biden's order regarding the flags. The Rook star made it clear she wasn't alone in that.

The Order Led To An Emotional Moment For Munn

Captain Jay Baker, sheriff's spokesman, shares an update
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Munn detailed that she has an ongoing group chat that includes journalist Lisa Ling, and they talked about Biden's directive. She explained that everybody in the group chat was touched by how Biden responded to the massacre. 

"It was an emotional moment for all of us, and we all took a moment and just cried together," Munn noted.

Earlier in the week, Munn took to Twitter to criticize both the situation and the controversial comments made by the local police chief during a press conference.

Ling's Thoughts Resonated With Munn

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During her chat with King, Munn asked if she'd seen the news regarding Biden's flag declaration. She shared part of what Ling had said in their group chat, sentiments that clearly resonated with Munn as well.

"Lisa's like, 'It just means so much to us to have someone at that level say that these eight women, these Asian women, that they matter and that all of the flags across our country will go at half-staff for them,'" Munn explained regarding the chat.

Munn's Previously Advocated For The Asian Community

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As her fans know, The Newsroom star is Asian on her mother's side. Munn has previously spoken about the issues regarding anti-Asian violence across the United States, Yahoo! detailed, and she's not typically one to mince words. 

"We are being targeted; we are living in a country that is attacking us simply for being us. We need more people to care about us, to amplify this. We need the media to cover it... We have been so invisible for so long," Munn explained in a powerful appearance on MSNBC earlier in the week.