Jewel Kilcher Reveals Dolly Parton's Amusing Secret For Ensuring That She Always Sounds Her Best In The Studio

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Treva Bowdoin

Folk singer Jewel Kilcher recently revealed how she learned one of the ways that Dolly Parton keeps her own singing career alive and kicking after over five decades in the music industry. 

Jewel spilled the secret during an interview with The Neighborhood actress Beth Behrs for her music-oriented podcast, Harmonics with Beth Behrs. The two women were discussing the song that Jewel recorded with Dolly, "My Father's Daughter," when Beth asked Jewel if she had any good Dolly stories to share. The "You Were Meant For Me" singer responded by recounting her amusing first interaction with the living country music legend. 

Jewel Does A Dolly Impression 

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Beth shared a snippet from her video interview with Jewel on her Instagram page, which allowed her followers to witness her dramatic reaction to Jewel's story. 

The singer began by talking about how punctual Dolly was. She then proceeded to do her best imitation of the older musician's cheery Southern twang while recalling the first words that Dolly said to her in the studio. As Jewel spoke, Beth's eyes got wider and wider, and she placed her hand on her chest in awe when she heard the huge compliment that Dolly paid her. 

"And she was like, "Hey, you know, I'm just so glad to be here, and I just love your song, and it reminds me of one of mine,'" Jewel said. 

A Very Dolly Problem


Jewel revealed that she was "dying and trying not to pass out" after Dolly's uplifting greeting when the "Jolene" hitmaker asked her to do something that very few people would be capable of -- telling her what to do and giving her negative feedback. 

"And she goes, 'Now look, you need to boss me around in the studio, now, if I'm not doing my job.'" 

"And she goes, 'Now look, you need to boss me around in the studio, now, if I'm not doing my job.'" 

This is when Jewel learned that there's a minor downside to being one of the most beloved musicians in the world. Because Dolly is so admired, she has discovered that most of the people she works with are reluctant to ever criticize her. Luckily for Jewel, Dolly had a backup plan if she fell into this category.  

Dolly Reveals Her Solution 

According to Jewel, Dolly told her that she understood if she didn't want to take charge and let her know if her singing wasn't up to par. This is when Dolly introduced her to an unnamed man that had accompanied her to the studio. His job was to provide the critical feedback that others would not. 

"So she brought somebody, because clearly, she realizes a lot of people in my position will not say a thing, and she still wants to do a great job," Jewel said. "And so she brought somebody else that she knew would speak up." 

Beth Is A Bona Fide Dolly Fan  


Beth and Jewel had a good laugh over Dolly's ingenuity, and Beth said that she "loved" the musician's method for always ensuring that she's at the top of her game. In the caption of her IG video, the 2 Broke Girls actress described the 9 to 5 singer as her "hero." 

Beth previously detailed a few of the many reasons that she admires Dolly in a post on The Bluegrass Situation. She praised the performer for being a downright "decent" human being with an amazing sense of humor, and she wrote about how Dolly's willingness to speak about the adversity she has faced in her life serves as a reminder that she's human like the rest of us. She also described her as "resilient" and "a glorious, glittering reminder to never apologize for sticking to who you truly are."