Hannah Palmer Flashes Her Booty In A Thong Bikini: 'Missing Africa'

Hannah Palmer smiles and raises right hand up beside her face.
Instagram | Hannah Palmer
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All-American hottie Hannah Palmer is a globe-trotter who has shared some incredible vacation pics with her 1.7 million Instagram followers over the years. When she travels, the Los Angeles-based model usually heads to locations with warm climates, like Cancun and Hawaii. Much to her fans' delight, this means she's often rocking skimpy swimwear in the photos that she uploads to her account. 

Her latest post included a pair of sexy throwback snapshots from one such trip. Her caption seemed to indicate they were taken in Africa.

Why New Bikini Pics From Abroad Could Cause A Backlash

Hannah Palmer poses on a bed in a white bikini.
Instagram | Hannah Palmer

Hannah wrote that she was "missing Africa." Unfortunately for influencers like herself, the COVID-19 pandemic has made travel difficult, and those who have left the United States over the past year have faced a backlash for doing so. For example, model Charly Jordan made headlines when she took a trip to Rwanda that was disrupted by a false positive COVID test. She later apologized for traveling during the pandemic. 

Luckily, Hannah has taken scores of photos over the past few years, so she probably has plenty of travel-related content to share with her fans that will feel fresh to them. 

Blond Bombshell Against A Blue Backdrop

Hannah Palmer stands sideways in a red off-the-shoulder crop top and blue jeans.
Instagram | Hannah Palmer

The location of Hannah's photos wasn't easily identifiable as Africa or anywhere else due to the images' burred backgrounds. However, the out-of-focus expanse of blue behind her made it pretty obvious that she was at the beach. A shoreline covered with dense foliage was also visible in the distance. 

In her first photo, Hannah faced the camera. She had on a string bikini that was mostly crafted out of white ribbed fabric. Its strings were formed from contrasting denim, and the entire garment was trimmed with the blue material. It was finished with metalli hardware.

Putting On A Cheeky Display

Hannah Palmer sits with legs apart in a leopard-print bodysuit with black lace accents.
Instagram | Hannah Palmer

Hannah's blond hair was styled in loose, windswept waves. She flashed a big smile at the camera as she showed off her tight tummy, curvy hips, and toned thighs. 

In the second pic, she was captured standing in profile. She leaned over and stepped her left leg forward, revealing that her bottoms were a thong. The back showcased her peachy derriere to perfection. 

Hannah finished her pose by turning her head to look at the camera as her golden hair hung down in the air. 

Fans Can't Seem To Get Enough Of Hannah's Smile Or Her Sexy Body

Hannah Palmer wears extra-short cropped white T-shirt and dark blue panties.
Instagram | Hannah Palmer

Hannah made one more major alteration in her follow-up photo by trading her smile for a more sultry facial expression. 

In the comments section of her post, many of her admirers commented on how much they loved the radiant smile that was missing in her second pic. Others came up with creative ways to describe her overall beauty. 

"That smile is bringing the sunshine," wrote one fan.

"A smile brighter than the sun," read another message.

"Hannah the handful too hot," a third devotee commented. 

"Delicious gorgeous muse," read a fourth message.