Laurence Bédard Draws All Eyes To Her Incredible Cleavage In A Massively Cut-Out Monokini

Model Laurence Bédard enchanted her 2.9 million Instagram followers with her latest social media update on Friday morning. The buxom Canadian beauty flaunted her amazing physique in an extremely skimpy bathing suit that left little to the imagination and gave fans a sweet smile they couldn't refuse.

In the caption, Laurence credited the apparel brand Fashion Nova for her swimwear, as well as specifying the style description for viewers that were interested in duplicating her look. The one-piece garment was basic black and provided a neutral canvas next to which her prolific tattoos could be viewed.

The suit featured a huge, marquise-shaped cutout in the front, which stretched from the center of her collarbones to her navel, beautifully exposing all of her cleavage and a tantalizing amount of her bare breasts. A wrap halter crossed at the base of her throat and looped behind her neck.

The lower portion had dramatically high, French-cut legs that revealed Laurence's shapely hips all the way up to her slender waist. A decorative tie encircled her midsection and was fastened into an off-center bow with long ends that grazed her left thigh.

Laurence posed with her legs together in the close-up image, with one elbow raised into the air and a hand behind her head. With the other hand, she grasped the inner edge of the suit -- as if she might tug it open even further.

Over 50,000 of Laurence's Instagram supporters hit the "like" button in the first few hours after the post was uploaded, and the comments section was flooded with more than 600 expressions of adoration.

It seemed that her killer look rendered many people without proper words to express their feelings, as affectionate emoji comprised the majority of the comments. The beloved heart-eyes and flame symbols were the star of the show in this case, and the red rose also made frequent appearances in the replies.

Laurence has clearly amassed followers from all over the world, judging by the myriad countries mentioned and the many languages used to compliment her. Several fans also posted a Canadian flag with their words of support.

"Its cold in UK thanks you just heated me right up, cheers," one fan remarked.

"if you make calendars...I need to see you every time I walk in my room, lmk how I can buy if you do!" a second person exclaimed.

"God, you're a very beautiful woman," a third follower declared.