Niece Waidhofer Gets Busted While Snapping Sultry Selfie

Model and content creator Niece Waidhofer has a penchant for posting provocative selfies on her tempting Instagram timeline. However, if her latest post was any indication, she'd rather not get caught in the act of actually capturing her own likeness.

On Thursday, the thirst-inducing 30-year-old brought the sizzle to her 2.8 million followers by uploading a photo of herself kicking back in her car. Waidhofer sported skintight jeans and a tiny T-shirt that left her midsection bare in the shot while clinging tightly to her sizable bustline.

In the caption, she revealed that she had been waiting curbside for a vet tech to return her dog to her. Unfortunately, the tech knocked on Waidhofer's window just as she was snapping her selfie, leaving her completely red-faced.

"Probably among the top 5 most morale-castrating moments of my life," she wrote.

Nevertheless, she had no qualms about sharing the embarrassing moment with her followers, including a video of the incident on a second slide. And despite her lamentation of what had transpired, fans were undeterred in publicly swooning over the end result, descending upon the comments section in droves to express their admiration while reassuring the raven-haired bombshell.

"Obsessed with how perfect you are [heart eye emoji]," one commenter gushed.

"At least you brightened the vet tech's day," a second supporter wrote.

"Ha! I love the candid reality. Still smokeshow hot. [fire emoji]," a third follower remarked.

"This is one of those instances where you're hot enough to get away with it," another admirer opined.

Fans further voiced their approval by double-tapping her post to the tune of 30,000-plus likes in under an hour.

Waidhofer's shapely physique filled nearly the entirety of the frame as she held her device in close proximity to her body to snap the shot. Her dark eyes were locked on its lens as she sat in the driver's seat of her vehicle with her legs spread and one knee uplifted.

The pose she employed combined with her snug-fitting duds to emphasize her incredibly curvaceous figure to amazing effect. Waidhofer wore a heather gray T-shirt with short sleeves and a high hemline. The garment clung tightly to her waist just above her uncovered midsection and was equally taut against her perky assets. Meanwhile, her black jeans greatly contrasted against the alabaster hue of her skin while seemingly melding to her hips and thighs.

Her impish grin and smoldering expression further served to enhance the presentation.

Just a few hours before uploading her selfie, Waidhofer had already ignited Instagram by appearing in nude lingerie for a scorching new update.