Evgeniya Lvovna Lounges By The Pool In A Skimpy White Swim Set

Social media star Evgeniya Lvovna stunned her 1.2 million Instagram followers after posting a new photo where she lounged by the pool in a skimpy swim set.

The ensemble was a classic white color, and the hue both complemented the fitness influencer's sun-kissed skin and added a pop of brightness against the dusky low light of the photo.

The top of the bikini was a crop top silhouette with short sleeves that covered the model's shoulders. It featured a plunging V-neckline that offered fans a view of Lvovna's collarbone and décolletage. The top ended just below the bust to expose the model's toned abs. Ties in the center of the garment created a ruched accent and further accentuated her curves.

Lvovna completed the set with a pair of matching bottoms. They were a classic brief cut with a low-rise silhouette. Side bands wrapped around her hips in a way that helped emphasize her hourglass figure.

The model styled her hair into a deep side part that added a casual yet sultry air to the look. Her wavy brunette locks cascaded down past her shoulders to hit her midriff. She accessorized with a gold charm necklace and a couple of scrunchies wrapped around her left wrist.

Lvovna posed by sitting along the ledge of a pool. She leaned to the side, resting most of her body weight on her left hand and resting her right hand on her ankle. One leg was bent while the other dangled so that it was slightly submerged in the water. Lvovna looked at the camera while offering fans the smallest of smiles.

Behind her were bohemian bean-bag style chaises and a rustic wooden fence. Farther in the backdrop were a number of lush green shrubs and a dusky yellow sky.

In the caption of the photo, Lvovna noted that the shot was taken during a film shoot and that it was a throwback picture, as she had broken her foot and was sporting a boot in recent days.

Fans loved the upload and awarded the post around 28,000 likes and more than 240 comments.

"Okay you're so fire," gushed one awestruck user, emphasizing the compliment with two besotted cat-face emoji.

"Poor foot. It looked so happy there. It had no idea what was going to happen," teased a second.

"You are amazing and beautiful," proclaimed a third.

"My dream queen," added a fourth, concluding the comment with a pink heart and the prayer hands symbol.

As was covered by The Inquisitr, Lvovna previously wowed her followers after posing in a black lace bodysuit and shorts.